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16 Gigabit unmanaged switches

16 Gigabit unmanaged switches

the Product Description

DGS 1016 c for small and medium sized enterprises of gigabit Ethernet connection provides an economic solution.Its gigabit port allows you to simple easy to use, expand your network and rapid upgrade your network to gigabit connections.

the Product Features

1. 16 port 10\ 100\ 1000 m from the negotiation.2. Provide the LED indicator, dynamic display connection status and working status.

3. The MAC address automatic learning and aging.

4. Support 802.3 x flow control, protect data from lost.

5. Support 802.3 az energy efficient Ethernet standard.

6. Support RTCT cable detection.

7. Support large shot 9600 bytes.

8. 802.1 p support QoS.

9. Plug and play, no configuration, simple to use.

the Product Specification

MAC address capacity 8 k
Data cache capacity 2 m.
JUMBO frames 9216 bytes
Packet forwarding rate 23.8 MPPS
Exchange capacity 36 GBPS
Way forward Store and forward
The LED light Power:
bright: power supply is normal
out: not on electricity or power supply is abnormal
The Link\ Act:
the green light normally on: port 1000 m links
10\ 100 yellow light normally on: port m links
out: port no link or link failure
the green light flashing: there are 1000 MB of data transmission
yellow lights flashing: 10\ 100 m data transmission
standard The IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3 z, IEEE 802.3 ab, IEEE 802.3 x
The connector type RJ45
The port number 16, one billion
wiring MDI\ MDI X since the recognition
impedance 100 Ohm
Work rate 10 MBPS, 100 MBPS, 1000 MBPS, since the negotiation
duplex Half duplex and full duplex, since the negotiation (10\ 100 m \ 1000 m)
Medium and the transmission distance Five types of unshielded twisted pair, support maximum 100 m transmission distance
Operating temperature DHS C 0 ~ 40 DHS C
Storage temperature DHS 40 ~ 70 DHS C C
Run the humidity 10% ~ 90%, no condensation
Store humidity 5% ~ 95%, no condensation
The power supply 100 v to 240 v AC.50 to 60 hz
The power consumption of the system & lt;10 w.
Thermal design Fanless design, natural cooling
The weight of the & lt;3 kg
Size (width * high deep) 44 mm * 200 mm * 440 mm
Safety norms 3 c, IEC 60950
Environmental protection standard RoHS




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