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52-port Gigabit L3 network management stack switches

52-port Gigabit L3 network management stack switches

the Product Description

DGS 3620 series xStack three layers stacked gigabit network switch is for small and medium sized enterprises and companies to provide high performance, flexibility, security and support multi level exchange QoS support function, configurable and redundant power supply switch.This series switches with high density of gigabit port, gigabit SFP and Wan Zhao SFP + port and advanced software solutions, access layer devices can be used as a department or core switching equipment, to build a multi level network backbone and concentration of high speed server.Internet service providers to use high density SFP switch as the core of the optical fiber to the building (FTTB) network equipment, FTTB and extend to the user.D the Link has been committed to develop innovative technology, save electricity saving energy while still maintain its own product of good performance and functionality.DGS 3620 series for D Link green technology, the technical support for 802.3 az EEE standard, contains a power saving mode, intelligent fan function, less heat, and the cable length detection.Power saving function will automatically have no connection or link port closed.Intelligent fan function allows the built in fan in particular temperature automatically open, to provide continuous, reliable and economic switch operation.

the Product Features


20\ 4810\ 100\ 1000 base t port or 20 SFP slot

4Combo 10\ 100\ 1000 base t\ SFP port 1

40 billion SFP + cascade port


L2 \ L3 and L4 \ multi layer access control

External RADIUS\ TACACS + certification

Support SSH\ SSL

Support 802.1 X Guest VLAN

Support D Link Safeguard Engine

Support unicast reverse routing lookup (uRPF)


Support for redundant power supplies (RPS)

Support 802.1 802.1 w \ 802.1 D\ s spanning tree

The loopback test (LBD)

Support Ethernet polycyclic protection technology (ERPS)

High bandwidth physical\ virtual stack

Physical stacked up to 12 sets of equipment, 576 gigabit port

The virtual stack can be up to 32 devices, single IP management


802.3 the OAM ah Ethernet link

802.1 ag, ITU TY. 1731 service OAM

the Product Specification




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