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ACX5000 Metro Ethernet Switch

acx5000 universal access router is deployment of metro Ethernet access and aggregation operators Ethernet ideal choice.Its innovative design can help service providers in rack space and cooling capacity constrained environment construction of high density, high performance infrastructure.

gbe acx5000 routers designed to deal with 1\/10 gbe capacity and density, have used in the network to network interface (NNI) 40 gbe uplinks, as well as to the E LINE, E LAN, TREE and E E ACCESS IP and IP\/VPN services to fully support.These routers through unified don't interrupt service software upgrades (unified ISSU) and the Junos operating system high availability network capabilities to support your business, these features reliable and consistently deliver mission critical support for voice and video traffic.

acx5000 routers are special and customizable KVM compatible virtual machine provides service virtualization, can perform the monitoring and analysis of network performance action scripts and programs.Use ACX5000

, you can build efficient and extensible high-density telecom infrastructure.To cater to the site of the rack space or the cooling ability is limited, we have provided two easy to deploy appearance specifications:

, 1 U platform, 48 10 gbe port 40 gbe port

and 6, 2 U platform, 96 10 gbe port and 8 40 gbe port

acx5000 met the new generation of xDSL\/GPON and 4 g \/ 5 g base stations to 10 gbe interface, the growing network access capacity demand and take 10 gbe UNI residents and enterprise customers.40 Gbps NNI port provides ample capacity, support aggregation uplink, this has to do with specially designed software for carrier Ethernet function combination, make ACX5000 metro Ethernet access and aggregation of the optimal solution.

using the Junos OS and Junos SDK, ACX5000 can be fully customized, meet your specific needs, and its scalability and reliability of improving customer experience and reduce the cost of your maintenance and update the network infrastructure.High-end mouth density and performance characteristics of

acx5000 provide 1 U platform, and 48 10 gbe port and six 40 gbe port;2 U platform, as well as 96 10 gbe port and 8 40 gbe port;And as high as 2.5 -tbps throughput.

flexible architecture support carrier Ethernet flexible architecture, multi-tenant residents and commercial metro Ethernet layer 2 service, and 3 layer services (based on IP\/MPLS).

high availability

issu and Junos OS high availability features reliable and consistently deliver mission critical support for voice and video traffic.

transparent clock

transparent clock gives you to deploy and allocate timing technology innovation choice, at the same time can meet the strict of moving back to deploy and new service requirements of the clock.

service virtualization service virtualization of

conforms to the KVM virtual machine can perform monitoring and analyzing network operation scripts and programs.

passed the certification of MEF CE 2.0 platform with E

LINE, E LAN, E Tree and E Access service of MEF CE 2.0 certified.Automatic deployment of


in Junos Space platform support, rapid remote deployment can reduce operating costs and resource requirements, at the same time help speed up delivery of new services.

junos SDK

Junos SDK support custom deployment and integration with third-party applications and tools.




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