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ACX500 fanless mobile backhaul router

acx500 throughput is as high as 6 Gbps small rugged fanless router.It attached with a software support the integration of GPS receivers, and support safety, timing and synchronization of rich feature set.In addition, ACX500 has been certified for utilities and railway industry of indoor and outdoor use.It is a small basestation, LTE Advanced mobile back deployment, and choice of industrial environment.


  • : there are three kinds of compact shape available for indoor deployment ACX500

  • for outdoor deployment and ACX500 ACX500 O O PoE

    temperature enhancement ACX500 indoor model provides four 10\/100\/1000 Mbps port and two copper fiber 1 Gbps ports, through the reinforcement of the environment and ACX500 ACX500 O O PoE outdoor model offers three copper port and three optical fiber ports.ACX500 and ACX500 O PoE support Ethernet power enhanced version (PoE++), power budget for 80 w.

    acx500 also support juniper networks Junos operating system, widely layer 2 and layer 3 functions, with traffic engineering support IP\/MPLS, rich network management, fault management and service monitoring, as well as the operation, management and maintenance (OAM) functions.Use Junos SDK, can easily customize with the configuration and integration of third-party applications and tools.Characteristics of

    for IPsec security, network address translation (NAT) and the support of the IEEE 802.1 ae MACsec is only allowed elements provide access permissions, so as to provide additional security layer.

    the most comprehensive clock timing and synchronization of

    technology includes GPS receiver, GM, BC, OC and TC.

    automatic deployment (done)

    fast remote automatic deployment to Junos Space Connectivity Service Director to improve operating efficiency.

    support PoE++

    support PoE++ ACX500 power budget is 80 W, can support for small base station or microwave power supply.

    after the design of the environment to strengthen

    USES the design of passive cooling and environmental enhancement is the ideal choice for outdoor and industrial deployment cases.

    RFC2544 (generation and reflection) in

    using done configuration, after the completion of testing based on RFC2544 can make operators flexibility to confirm whether a node has to be prepared for the service.

    traffic shaping

    hierarchical quality of service (HQoS) support allows ACX500 flow of microwave link to adjust for the linear configuration.

    junos SDK

    Junos SDK supports easily customize with the configuration and integration of third-party applications and tools.




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