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AppFormix application management and optimization

appformix is new public cloud, private and hybrid cloud optimization and management software platform.This intent Kubernetes driver software management and the function of it and Amazon Web Services cloud and network virtualization (NFV) cases to the automation, visibility, and reports.It is based on the strategy of machine learning and intelligent monitoring software, applications, and define the infrastructure analysis, alert and accrual accounting.

with the aid of AppFormix, you can track and automation applications and software define the operation of the infrastructure.Its intelligent monitoring function can detect problems and remedial measures according to predefined SLA management.

the platform using a thin agent in each node has the edge of machine learning, distributed computing method, the logical message bus and light modern database.In accordance with the need of application or network performance as far as possible the fastest response time environment, this design combines the real-time monitoring and controlling of the history of this kind of environment.

appformix platform designed for enterprise and cloud native environment, build, support mixed high performance bare-metal system, virtual machine and the container.All data is retained at the scene, under the protection of the firewall, this method is quicker than the export it to SaaS sites and safer, and more affordable.

appformix user interface simple and intuitive.Because of adopting Kubernetes, and it don't interrupt stack installation, so the operator can be across all the data, user, strategies, and set the tag to search.With many built-in strategy and dynamic threshold, from the first day is an advantage.

with the passage of time, many users would be inserted or create event-driven strategy of lambda style or data export script, for its business integration API and customize IT automation.], bodyCap: 2,


out-of-the-box ideas

do not need to create complex strategies.From day one, AppFormix plugin monitoring strategy and dynamic context awareness and threshold directly through the intelligent analysis on practical insights.Intention to drive the infrastructure of


through the intelligent analysis and machine learning for monitoring and visualization of big data is just the beginning.AppFormix strategy trigger the alarm of activities has been the basis of optimization software defined sustainable architecture and application workload, thus providing the driven automation.

from automatic intuitive easy to use, don't interrupt service installed, no down time, material to design the user interface and search for daily use, each function are designed to be easy to use.AppFormix also articulated Nagios plug-ins and existing alarm operation, such as PagerDuty or custom scripting system.

to improve the economics of

in addition to optimize cloud or NFV resources actively, has integrated more flexible billing AppFormix grouping and report, its resource planning forecast is make your investment can match the real productivity gains.




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