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BTI7000 Series Packet Optical Platform

bti7000 series optical packet transmission platform for metro service network to provide highly scalable network operator level.When you need more and more traffic on the edge of the service aggregation, you can cross the mobile backhaul business services and broadband network, Ethernet household applications easy deployment of these systems.

by offering high density in compact modular appearance and capacity, fusion of packets optical system can not only save valuable rack space, and can deliver service-oriented connection.The platform dedicated to integration of optical packet service delivery and wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) and reconfigurable inserted multiplexer (ROADM) and photonic layer building blocks, can meet the requirements of metropolitan area and regional park, remote applications.

features more than

appearance support

common platform supports a variety of shapes, ranging from customer internal deployed to the city, so only need a set of skills to configure, deploy and maintain equipment.

configuration and deployment flexibility

modular structure can provide shelf configuration, and deployment flexibility.You can use a packet, or any combination of optical layer module configuration platform, to maximize meet the needs of your business model.

carrier Ethernet exchange

bti7000 support integrated Ethernet switching after MEF certification of operators.

on-demand purchase, the gradual extension

the expansion of the industry leading frame architecture supports flexible deployment "on-demand purchase, gradual extension", can save capital.

general management and control,

bti700 provide cross-platform general management and control, which can realize the operation mode of the consistent, universal software release and standby cost minimum.


bti7000 with juniper networks proNX Service Manager to speed up the configuration and Service delivery of




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