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CSRX containerized firewall for Docker

companies increasingly rely on container technology application development.CSRX provide high-level security service in the form of container, including content security, AppSecure and unified threat management.Use the Docker

container can greatly reduce the cost, because each container will share the host operating system.No matter how much one server hosting a container, only use an operating system instance.In addition, due to the light characteristics of container, the server can be more than the virtual machine (VM) managed instances of container, and improve efficiency.Because cSRX small footprint and Docker will be used for container management system, implements the flexible high-density security service deployment.

CSRX container firewall in more than one important aspect is different from the virtual machine.Firewall cSRX container runtime will not produce the guest operating system overhead, take up the space is less obvious, easier to migration or download.It USES less memory and startup time with subsecond -- all of these factors to ensure at a lower cost to achieve a higher density.

junos Space Security Director can be modified in a centralized public platform of real assets and virtual assets policy configuration, management, and visibility.The Security Director provides a single management platform, which is used to cross vSRX, cSRX and SRX series platforms consistently firewall policy management.

for the deployment of a service oriented application service providers and organizations, cSRX provides container security service portfolio.Including the service includes: intrusion prevention system (IPS), AppSecure and unified threat management (UTM).These cSRX function support a variety of network virtualization (NFV) cases.

CSRX Contrail with juniper network and also it integration.Through between the SRX series general management interface to realize the integration of the SDN with a third party solutions.


small footprint

dedicated virtual devices, small footprint devices, provide high security services for virtualized environments and applications.Use the Docker

containers to reduce overhead can be deployed in the Docker


times a second level security service

support highly flexible deployment, these deployment need security services, and the start time of sub-second.

the threat of a comprehensive defense

integrated UTM, IPS and AppSecure 2.0 next generation firewall (NGFW) service, to build comprehensive threat protection framework.Centralized safety management to ensure that the


Junos Space Security Director across physical and virtual firewall achieve centralization and consistent Security policy management.

single management platform combined with the Security Director, provides a single management platform, used to cross cSRX, vSRX and SRX series platforms consistently firewall policy management.

SDN and NFV support

with Contrail, OpenContrail and third-party SDN solution integration support and NFV SDN.




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