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CTP2024 Circuit to Packet Platform

ctp2024 circuit is 2 U can be installed to the packet platform box, supports up to 24 interface circuit simulation.Chassis include redundant power supply option.Interface options include T1 \/ E1, serial interface, and 4 wto analog voice (2 wfxo WFXS and 2, 4 we & M).

CTP series circuit to the packet platform has applied and tested for performance and reliability, flexibility, including support for end-to-end timing and advanced clock options and each circuit to eliminate jitter buffer, to realize pseudo linear in the IP\/MPLS network.Across the IP network digital and analog voice application, so as to provide the customers with the fusion of multiple business IP network advantage, and won't cause VoIP upgrade the complexity and cost.

the environment through the bridge and the IP environment, CTP series provides many unique features, can reduce costs, concrete embodiment in eliminating the point-to-point circuit and to incorporate all the applications to an IP\/MPLS network.


software deployment of

software circuit deployment support rapid meet new or change of user requirements, and don't need new hardware.

can be extended product series

extensible series helps to control operating costs, even when the upgrade.

network management system

ctpview network management system allows administrators to deploy circuit, monitoring network at the same time.


clock solution suitable for solution of the system and circuit circuit reliability can be improved.


system is equipped with a variety of data packets, port, network and chassis redundancy options.Port

ctp2024 mirror image can be transmitted or received any flow to multiple local or remote location.




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