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Chassis 10G routing switch

Chassis 10G routing switch

the Product Description

DES 8500 series Wan Zhao core routing switches are D Link to launch of a new generation of large capacity, high performance core routing switch products.The backplane bandwidth up to 12 tbps, exchange capacity is as high as 5.12 tbps, 3840 MPPS maximum packet forwarding rate.L2 \ L3 \ L4 wire speed switching ability.The DES 8500 series Wan Zhao routing switch based on the advanced idea of modular design.Based on multiprocessor distributed processing mechanism is adopted and the structure of the Crossbar air separation exchange architecture.Main engine and system power supply and other key modules are 1:1 redundant backup can be used.Can provide 10 GE, GE, FE and other rich interface card.To fully support IPv4 and IPv6, MPLS, PBR, multicast, QoS, and bandwidth control business functions.Currently include DES DES 8500 series switches 8503, the DES 8506, the DES 8510 three product.DES 8500 series product line as D Link industry core switch, can be widely applied in industries of IP core network, enterprise data center, core and IP metropolitan area network, campus network core etc.To provide users with a variety of business access, routing, the exchange of integrated security network integration solutions.

the Product Features

The board configuration is flexible

■The twin engine support (DES 8506\ 8510)

■A variety of port business card type form

Rich security features

■MAC address filtering

■L2 L4 the ACL

■802.1 x authentication

■IP MAC Port binding

■Prevent DDoS attacks, TCP SYN Flood attack, UDP Flood attack

■For single broadcast multicast, broadcast, unknown suppression

The comprehensive function of IPv6

■ICMPv6, DHCPv6, ACLv6, IPv6 Telnet

■IPv6 neighbor discovery

■The Path MTU discovery

■MLD, MLDSnooping

■Static routing, IPv6 RIPng, OSPFv3, BGP4 +

■Manual tunnel, ISATAP tunnel, 6 to4 tunnel


■The LDP protocol


■MPLSVPN P\ PE function requirements



the Product Specification


The DES 8503.

The DES 8506.

The DES 8510.

Lagging capacity

3 tbps

6 tbps

12 tbps

Exchange capacity

1.28 tbps

2.56 tbps

5.12 tbps

Packet forwarding rate

360 MPPS (type III master) \ 960 MPPS (type VI master)

720 MPPS (type III master) \ 1920 MPPS (type VI master)

1440 MPPS (type III master) \ 3840 MPPS (type VI master)

Slot number




Business slot number




Environmental requirements

Working temperature\ humidity: 0 ℃ to 40 ℃, 10% to 90% without any condensation

Storage temperature\ humidity: 20 ℃ to 70 ℃;5% 95% without any condensation

The power supply

AC, 100 v to 240 v, 50 hz plus or minus 10%

Case size (mm)

482 * 548 * 548

6 u

482 * 548 * 548

9 u

482 * 548 * 548

12 u

The weight (empty)

21.5 kg

26 kg

30.5 kg

Green energy saving

Support the IEEE 802.3 az green energy efficient Ethernet

MAC exchange function

Support for static configuration and dynamically learned MAC address

Support to view and remove the MAC address

MAC address aging time can be configured

Support the MAC address learning limit

Support the MAC address filtering capabilities

Support the black hole MAC list items


Support 4 k vlans table entry

Support GVRP

VLAN Mapping support 1:1 and N: 1

Support basic QinQ and flexible QinQ function

Support Private VLAN






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