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Cloud Analysis Engine Network Data Analysis

juniper networks cloud analysis engine using online data analysis to improve mission critical application performance and availability.

by performing coordinated end-to-end data collection, analysis, correlation and virtualization operation, cloud analysis engine can help the network team to understand the physical and virtual infrastructure within the workload and running state of the application.Cloud analysis engine is designed for network based on the technology of juniper networks and design of a single, integrated analysis solutions, allows you to view the network physical layer and virtual layer of all equipment.

cloud analysis engine agent resides in the endpoint host (can be a physical device, also can be a virtual machine).Agent will collect the end-to-end network and application performance data, in establishing connection between physical layer and virtual layer, providing a single, integrated view.The application-centric insight provides the necessary context determine the problem originated from the application or network, simplifying the troubleshooting.

the data also helps to quickly identify and isolate the hot spot of the congestion, detect microburst, clear which physical and virtual path is used for migration workload.Cloud, in short, the analysis engine can improve visibility and insight into the network operation, thus reducing costs associated with resource utilization and network outages.Cloud analysis engine based on juniper networks Junos operating system, and provided as a Junos OS function, is a kind of support for RESTful API open solution that could be used for processing and real-time network performance data of any other third party integration based on standard database.Cloud analysis engine is designed to support the third party network equipment.


cloud data correlation analysis engine collected from multiple data sources (including the physical and virtual endpoint) data and associated the collected data, and provide troubleshooting, application deployment, and capacity planning the necessary visibility.Application perspective of


to provide network from the perspective of application execution visibility, cloud analysis engine can support more easily classification performance problems, identify problems derived from the network or the application.

cloud analysis engine provides end-to-end polymerization view network and the application of the end-to-end visibility, IT can aggregate multiple views to help IT staff quickly determine the root cause of the problem.Simplified operation and troubleshooting of

in the network or application problems arise, cloud analysis engine to help IT employees move quickly to implement root cause analysis, so as to improve its efficiency and initiative.

flexible and open

cloud analysis engine partner ecosystem development evolution, and through the plug-in and API support for third-party tools and other equipment.

lower costs

analysis engine to help cloud detection, identification and isolation of network failure, thus reducing the exclusion and repair network or spend the time and cost of application problems.




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