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Contrail Network

contrail network is based on open source software definition of network virtualization project OpenContrail network (SDN) platform.The juniper networks platform realize highly extensible through automation and orchestration of the creation of virtual network.The network allows you to harness the power of the cloud to create a new service, improve business agility, increase their income.

Contrail network extend our Contrail SDN solution to include the cloud native environment.Now apart from the virtual machine (VM) and bare-metal server build a virtual network, you can also use the container to create a seamless cloudy environment.

by using the Contrail, network operators can make the cloud of modern network, realize the network abstraction, segmentation and persistent connections, so as to provide the following advantages:

abstract: through the abstract, high-level workflow into specific rules or policies, allowing SDN ACTS as a compiler.These strategies can achieve workload configuration automation and support service chain of network and security services.Section: to ensure that in the Shared pool infrastructure resources between the tenant and tenant to use multiple computing tools achieve clear security section.Connection: allows you to virtual overlay network and heterogeneous environment (including private cloud and public cloud and layout tools) arranged together.Cloud operators can also use the various computing technology and traditional bare-metal server for cloud native combined application of virtual machine and the container.In this way, you can span multiple different types of infrastructure building, deploying, and managing applications, while keeping the application portability and reusability.

service providers can use Contrail network to create a variety of new innovative services, including service based on cloud and virtualized hosting service.For enterprises, the Contrail support network applications and IT resources migration to a more flexible private cloud or hybrid cloud environments, so as to improve business agility.

juniper networks professional services to help JumpStart service to initial Contrail network implementation and configuration.For more information, please read the product introduction.], bodyCap: 3,


cloud native applications support

improve application portability and reusability, and speed up the network configuration and simplified life cycle management.

a unified strategy

in all environments to achieve reliable and scalable cloud network and seamless strategy.

open source

support open standards and open interfaces to ensure transparency, vendor interoperability and complying with the platform of the future, its core OpenContrail for open source projects.

provides analysis and visualization of virtual and physical networks of insight, can be diagnosed by actively planning and forecasting type simplified operation and decision-making.

using the superposition of wire speed packet processing management level program vRouter forwarding plane, in a multi-tenant virtualization, container or bare-metal environment provide wire-speed processing.The function and structure of the underlying physical switches complete separation.

flexible and adaptable VPN

provide open standardized L3VPN and EVPN overlay, can easily through joint across the border from the cloud.

high speed connection

network and the traditional support of software and hardware vendor gateway service, in a seamless connection to the existing network workload.

rest API

IT can simplify the configuration, operation and analysis enterprise automation and the integration with cloud system arrangement.




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