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Contrail Security

contrail Security will run in the cloudy environment applications of risk to a minimum.It can detect the application flow, and significantly reduce the strategy in different environment.With the help of a Contrail Security, defining policies, at a time in automatic uniform distribution among all the deployment of these strategies.Also can be used for the application and application flow easily between monitoring and troubleshooting.

contrail Security in multiple enforcement points your network active defense.Integrated virtual router (vRouter) used for the applications reside on each host distributed elements, so that the implementation of more secure, and can according to need to suspicious traffic redirected to the next generation of virtual firewall.

Contrail Security and SaaS provider for the enterprise provides the following advantages:

consistent purpose driven strategy Contrail Security by allowing administrators to define intent to simplify the strategy to create.Administrators can use across different cloud environment (such as it, Kubernetes, bare-metal server and public cloud) support of intelligent differential simple terms.More than

enforcement points Contrail by using distributed Security and network Security strategy to orchestrate defenses and protect applications from threats.In order to provide more comprehensive defense, Contrail Security and integration of the next generation of virtual firewall, support advanced Security services and ensure that the business are protected.

application traffic visibility and advanced analysis Contrail Security across cloudy environment provide visualization, analysis and arrangement, at the same time through the application to the application flow detection to reduce risk from unauthorized traffic.It can insight into application interactions, the use of machine learning to detect anomalies and take corrective action.Our products will provide

Contrail Contrail Security.In order to help for the initial implementation and configuration, juniper network professional service provides a JumpStart Contrail.On a list of all our service products, please visit the "professional services" page.


natural language processing

allows for the use of simple day-to-day application language coordinate expression rather than a network security policy.

the workload and expression tag

instructions application properties of expression rather than a constantly changing network coordinates.In

fully distributed firewall

launch application workload on each host embedded vRouter cloud infrastructure implementation, provides up to L4.

about the firewall to redirect

will be selected in the form of completely dynamic programmable flow reroute to about the firewall.

rich analysis collected

through various support framework agreement to collect the application, infrastructure, data networks and security;The applications that are written on the top of the frame can be extracted effectively insight.

flow visualization

provide a dashboard, enabling users to visualize flow on different applications and application kit as well as the associated security policy, including conform to and in violation of the state.




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