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Contrail Service Orchestration Juniper Networks

contrail service choreography using can deliver complete service lifecycle management services open framework, simplify and automate the custom design and implementation of web services.This platform provides operators with a powerful network service design application, stable and reliable mechanism of transaction management and troubleshooting, and can be used for one-click management services (available in juniper networks within cloud CPE solution all deployment model of consistency) customer service portal.

in addition to providing straightforward service lifecycle experience, Contrail service orchestration can also reduce the service creation process takes from a few months to a few minutes.For network administrators, it provides steady service management and troubleshooting.For the end user, it provides personalized self-service portal.

with the help of the analysis engine, end users can through the customer portal to understand and control the WAN traffic.The engine for the Contrail service choreography laid a solid foundation, make the Contrail service choreography to create a proper strategy to define network traffic prioritization methods.End users can real-time adjust the strategy.

Contrail service choreography is dedicated to integrate and build the Contrail cloud platform modular, aims to build a can handle a large number of NFV cases, cohesion of flexible network virtualization functions NFV management and scheduling software stack.

contrail service orchestration with a series of innovative features unique:

open & ndash;Avoid costly vendor lock-in.Contrail framework is based on can achieve third-party integration of open protocols and data model is built.You can take advantage of the open ecological system introduced new virtualization network (NVF) function, so as to easily extend the service directory, can make it with the passage of time gradually expand the scale.The platform integrates several operation support system (OSS) and business support system (BSS), to conduct a comprehensive business logic.

intelligent management and choreography & ndash;By focusing on service management and scheduling system, reduce the operating expenses, increase productivity.Comprehensive services to create workflow help streamline management life cycle.

dynamic application optimization & ndash;Type of fine performance detection tools and policy-driven dynamic traffic tools, real-time optimization flow delivery depending on the type of application.Users can special building in MPLS hosting service product scheduled priority level of critical business applications, for Internet hosting products scheduled non-critical business application priority level.

personalized & ndash;Create a custom portal, improve customer satisfaction and enhance customer relationships.You can also build a specific service chain with business objectives consistent with the customers.


specially built for the realization of open

open protocol, data model and the API can be easily integrated into the existing operational\/business support systems (OSS\/BSS) VNF environment and onboard a third party.Custom service net

can use custom service customer specific configuration file into the net, so as to provide personalized user experience.Modular integration of


Contrail cloud platform modular integration and automation in the whole infrastructure management and service coordination.

to cope with any juniper networks cloud CPE deployment model

services can be seamlessly together, in order to increase revenue service delivery.

features rich

features abundant service design and management tools can be used to intelligently throughout the service lifecycle management services.New catalog service within

minutes of

new service catalog can be in a few minutes to quickly meet customer demand, to ensure that these services for higher customer satisfaction.Visibility and control of


through the customer portal to understand and control of hybrid WAN (MPLS and SD WAN) traffic.




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