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Contrail programming cloud platform

contrail cloud platform is a kind of integrated all-inclusive cloud management platform, through the strengthening of the various open source technology, including it, OpenContrail, Ceph and Puppet.It is a juniper networks open cloud virtualization (NFV) solution network and the function of basic elements.

contrail cloud platform can automatically perform the computation, storage and network resources arrangement, thus creating and expanding opening, intelligent and reliable it cloud, with highly intelligent security network seamlessly merge and mix.These joint cloud enables you to create flexible infrastructure, with great speed and agility to meet dynamic changeful business needs, improve your delivery to the end user's service availability and flexibility, at the same time to improve operational excellence.

contrail cloud platform provides the following unique advantages:

freedom of choice to provide with a wide range of computing, storage, and network hardware, virtualization and cloud application interoperability of open architecture, avoid costly vendor lock-in.You can start from any position within the network, and can gradually development and evolution, using the same kind of the best option to ensure the infrastructure to the future.

intelligent automation

through the allocation of resources and the expansion of intelligent automation, infrastructure configuration and application lifecycle management to provide business agility, predictable operational excellence and total cost of ownership (TCO) optimization.It by the data driven decision support within the policy-driven infrastructure of establish a feedback loop, the application to achieve this goal.Always open the reliability of the


as a platform, and cloud applications with high security and flexible scalability, availability, stable delivery any cloud environment for bearing mission-critical business applications and the reliability of the data required is always open.

juniper networks JumpStart services professional services provided to assist the Contrail cloud platform for the initial implementation and configuration.For more information, please read the JumpStart data tables.


it version coordination

contrail cloud platform versions and it community coordinated, in ensuring that the API compatible and can also make full use of the strong community support.

automatic resource allocation

automated resource allocation to support configuration and operation needed for the application of cloud computing, storage, and network resources, manual intervention control at a minimum, at the same time improve the operation.

seamless interconnection of cloud and compatibility

seamless interconnection of cloud and compatibility with a set of verified and network standards and protocols, easily across multiple data centers and cloud extending the virtual network, so as to realize the workload mobility and workload layout flexibility.

readily available

high availability and scalability to ensure that the cloud remain available at any time, to support operations, activation and manage new workloads and existing workload.

rich analysis function through

for real-time and historical data of structured and unstructured vlsi intake and query, abundant and specification of remote sensing information analysis which can realize fine architecture, thus optimal planning and service creation process.

intelligent automation

contrail cloud platform using minimize human intervention application deployment of feedback loop, automatic resource allocation and extension, infrastructure configuration and application life cycle management.




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