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DES 1009P + 100M PoE unmanaged switch

DES 1009P + 100M PoE unmanaged switch

the Product Description

DES 1009 p + MB PoE the network switch provides a solution for monitoring industry.PoE port loaded with highClear camera 8 m stream BuKa.Also the AP, cameras front end equipment for the enterprise provides a solution,Connect computer, print server and NAS of PoE network equipment, etc.The switch can automatically identify whether toPoE device, and the opening and closing of the output power.

the Product Features

The connectivity of excellence

8 MB PoE + port
Part 1 gigabit port
90 w power total power
Maximum output of the single port 30 w


IEEE 802.3 10 base T
100 base TX, IEEE 802.3 u

The IEEE 802.3 ab 1000 base t IEEE 802.3 af\ at PoE

Easy to use

plug and play installation the desktop wall hanging

the Product Specification

Hardware specifications


The IEEE802.3 10 base tThe IEEE 802.3 u 100 base TX

The IEEE802.3 ab 1000 base t ANSI\ IEEE 802.3 NWay auto negotiation

The IEEEAf PoE IEEE 802.3At the PoE + 802.3


8 MB PoE electricity1 gigabit electricity mouth

Exchange capacity

3.6 Gbps

Packet forwarding rate

2.68 Mpps

The MAC address table

16 k

The LED light

Link\ Activity\ PoE (port) Power (equipment)


Store and forward

Package cache

4 mbit


175X 105 x 27 mm

The weight of the

400 g

The power input

54 v DC

PoE power

Single port: maximum 30 w machine: biggest 80 w

PoE pin

V +(RJ45 Pin 1, 2), V (RJ45 Pin 3, 6)

Maximum power consumption

90 w.

The temperature

Run:0 to 40 ° C storage: 40 to 70 ° C


Run: 5% 95% RH (condensation) storage: 5% 95% RH (condensation)

Function of the switch

A key VLAN

The order information



The DES 1009 p +

8 MB PoE electricity mouth + 1 gigabit port A network switch




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