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DES 1100 26 gigabit uplink type 100 megahertz intelligent network management switch

DES 1100 26 gigabit uplink type 100 megahertz intelligent network management switch

the Product Description

DES 1100 series switches have abundant configurable function, can provide high performance and scalability.Because there are easy to use administration interface (by free tool software and web browser).The DES 1100 series switches help clients quick, easy deployment of their network.DES 1100 series for the IT managers of small and medium sized enterprises to provide a complete affordable solution.This series of switches is suitable for simple network management is needed in branch offices and meeting rooms of deployment scenarios.DES 1100 series also supports such as port mirror, traffic statistics, IGMP snooping feature on the second floor, etc. All models are fanless design and metal case.

the Product Features

Fanless design

allow noiseless operation

, save energy and reduce costs at the same time

Reliable, and environmental protection

Advanced features

The storm control,

The management of the intuitive

SmartConsole tools or WebGUI management

VLAN feature

802.1 Q and the port VLAN isolation for port

Advanced QoS

bandwidth control

to ensure that the important application priority transmission

support the IEEE 802.1 p QoS

Prone to error correction

loop testing automatic closed loop port


the Product Specification

Hardware specifications


The DES 1100 26


24 10\ 100 base TX interface

2 10\ 100\ 1000 base t\ SFP reuse

Standard and function

The IEEE802.3

The IEEE802.3 u

The IEEE802.3 ab

The IEEE802.3 z

Support half\ full duplex

Automatic negotiation

Adaptive MDI\ MDIX

The IEEE802.3 x flow control (full duplex)

Exchange capacity

8.8 G

The maximum forward rate

6.54 Mpps

The MAC address table size

4 k

Package cache size

2.75 Mb

The LED indicator

The Power(equipment)

The Link\ Activity\ Speed(port)


490797 hours

The input power

100 240 vAC 50 to 60 hz built in power supply

Maximum power consumption

15.96 W.


440X 140 x 44 mm

The weight of the

1.9 kg

Heat dissipation

Fanless design

The temperature

Run: 0 40 ℃

Storage: 10 70 ℃


Run: 10% 95% without condensation

Storage: 5% 95% without condensation

Safety certification


Software functions

Features on the second floor

IGMP Snooping

Link aggregation: MB: each equipment up to 2 groups\ each group of up to four mouth;1 gigabit port: each equipment group \ 2 in each group

Flow control

loop testing (LBD)

Port mirror: support one to one image, more of a mirror

Statistics: send packages and collision, receive package and send packages, receive package and discarded packages, receive package and CRC package


Tagged 802.1 Q VLAN

A VLAN group: 26 static VLAN group

configurable VID: 1 4094


Automatic monitoring VLAN

The management VLAN

Quality of service (QoS)

Bandwidth control: minimum 512 KBPS

Each port 2 queue





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