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DES 1210 28P 100M Intelligent Network Management PoE switch

DES 1210 28P 100M Intelligent Network Management PoE switch

the Product Description

DES 28 1210 p is D the LinkThe DES 1210 a member of the family.The third generation Web Smart technology design.In addition to the continuation of the Web the consistent tradition of the Smart series intelligent and easy to use, a new hardware architecture can provide more excellent forward data processing capacity.The switch is integrated with abundant management interface, such as SNMP, WEB, and SmartThe Console and CLI.To enhance the security features, the product fully support ACL, the packet can be filtering processing.The product for the AP, IP camera, IP phone provides a flexible power deployment.

the Product Features

Green energy saving technology

intelligent fan

timing PoE

Security features

Port security

Support ACL

D the Link engine protection

Convenient management,
WEB graphical interface management

SmartConsole found automatically

basic command line interface management

Telnet management

built in SNMP MIB

VoIP\ Surveillance optimization

VoIP packet highest priority

Voice VLAN

Surveillance VLAN

The quality of service

support 802.1 P, each port 4 out of the stack, queue, ensure the key data forwarding priority

support DSCP

the Product Specification

Hardware specifications


DES 28 1210 p


24 MB PoE electricity

Two gigabit electricity mouth

Two gigabit photoelectric combination


The IEEE 802.3 10 base t

The IEEE 802.3 u 100 base TX

The IEEE 802.3 ab 1000 base t

The IEEE 802.3 z Gigabit Ethernet (optical fiber)

ANSI\ IEEE 802.3 automatic negotiation

IEEE 802.3 x flow control

Exchange capacity

12.8 G

Packet forwarding rate

9.5 M

Package cache

4.1 Mb

The MAC address table

8 k

Way forward

Store and forward

The LED light

Power (equipment);The Link\ Active\ Speed (port)


Support af 802.3 and 802.3 at standard

Port 1 4:15.4 per port support or 30 w, port 5 24:15.4 w per port support

The machine output 193 w


244140 hours

The power input

100 240 v ac, 50 to 60 hz, built in power supply

Maximum power consumption

240 w (PoE), 17.9 w (PoE)

Size (width x deep x)

440 x 210 x 44 mm

Heat dissipation

Three smart fan

The temperature

Run: 5 50 ° C, storage: 20 70 ° C


Run: 10% 90% without condensation, storage: 5%No condensation 90%

Safety certification


Software functions


DES 28 1210 p

Features on the second floor

Flow control

802.3 x flow control

HOL blocking defense

Port mirror

One to one

For one more

Spanning tree

802.1 D STP

802.1 w RSTP

Root restriction




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