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DES 1210 28 100M Intelligent Network Management Switch

DES 1210 28 100M Intelligent Network Management Switch

the Product Description

DES 1210 series Web correlates the Smart switch is configured with 24\ 48 of the mouth, two gigabit RJ 45, two gigabit RJ 45 \ SFP optical combination.This series of exchange integrated with excellent management and security functions.Because support IPv6 management, save the user the result of the upgrade IPv4 network investment.Switch management can have a variety of options, such as SNMP, Web, D Link network assistant, simplify the command line.The DES 1210 series of SMB network provides a complete economic solutions.

the Product Features

The hardware design of a flexible

24\ 48, 24\ 48 m port

2 1000 m photoelectric combination

Security features

Access control list

D Link security engine

port security

ARP cheating on defense

the DHCP server detection

, intelligent IP MAC PORT binding

Advanced features

automatic monitoring Vlan

automatic voice Vlan

loop detection

cable detection


The management of the intuitive

Can, through the D Link assistant and Web GUI network management

built in SNMP MIB

simplified command line management

the Product Specification

Hardware specifications


The DES 1210 28


24 10\ 100 base TX power

2 10\ 100\ 1000 base t port

2 10\ 100\ 1000 base t \ 100\ 1000 SFP optical combination


The IEEE 802.3 10 base t Ethernet (copper)

IEEE 802.3 u 100 base TX fast Ethernet (copper)

The IEEE 802.3 ab 1000 base t gigabit Ethernet (copper)

The IEEE 802.3 z gigabit Ethernet (optical fiber)

the ANSI\ IEEE 802.3 Auto negotiation

IEEE 802.3 x flow control

Exchange capacity

12.8 G

Packet forwarding rate

9.5 Mpps

Data cache

512 KB

The MAC address

8 k

Store and forward mechanism

Store and forward mechanism

LED display

Power (equipment)

Connection\ activities\ rate (per port)

The input power

100 240 v AC 50 to 60 hz built in power supply

The power consumption of the largest

9.5 W.


330 x 180 x 44 mm

Heat dissipation

Fanless design

The temperature

Run: 5 50 ° C

Storage: 40 70 ° C


Run: 10% 90% without condensation

Storage: 5% 90% without condensation



Software functions

Function on the second floor

802.3 x, Flow Control:, Flow Control, HOL Blocking Prevention

, port mirror:, one to one, more support for a, Tx\ Rx\ to Both images

STP, spanning tree:, support 802.1 D 2004 edition, support for 802.1 w RSTP, support the Root control

, AD link aggregation: 802.3, each equipment maximum 8 groups, each group of up to eight

On the second floor of multicast

forward all unregistered groups

filter all unregistered groups

MLD snooping: support MLD v1, v2, 256 MLDSnooping group

IGMP snooping: support IGMP v1, v2, v3, support IGMP snooping, 256 group, support 64 static multicast address

VLAN function

802.1 Q VLAN




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