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DGS 1026MP Gigabit Unmanaged PoE Switch

DGS 1026MP Gigabit Unmanaged PoE Switch

the Product Description

D Link DGS 1026 mp 26 mouth not network gigabit PoE switches connected to the PoE function for the user equipment provides the convenient and quick.Such as: wireless access point (AP), IP Cameras, IP phone.At the same time DGS 1026 mp can also connect to other Ethernet device.Such as computer, printer, network storage, etc.Suitable for any type of network application.

the Product Features

24 10\ 100\ 1000 MBPS PoE

Two gigabit photoelectric combination part port

Support the IEEE 802.3 x flow control

Store and forward exchange mechanism

All ports support adaptive MDI\ MDI X

PoE USES LED lights

IEEE 802.3 az energy saving Ethernet standard

Follow the RoHS

Most PoE 370 w power output

Compatible with the IEEE 802.3 af\ ats standard

the Product Specification

Hardware specifications

Port number

24 x10\ 100\ 1000 MBPS port (PoE)

2 x10\ 100\ 1000 base t\ SFP combination


The IEEE 802.310 base t

The IEEE 802.3 u100 base TX

The IEEE 802.3 ab1000 base t

The IEEE 802.3 z1000 base X

IEEE 802.3 x FlowThe Control

The IEEE 802.3 azEnergy Efficient Ethernet (EEE)

Exchange capacity

52 g

The maximum forward rate

38.69 Mpps

Forwarding mode

Store and forward

The MAC address table

8 k

Package cache

512 KB

PoE standard

IEEE 802.3 ats, IEEE 802.3 af

PoE power rating

Maximum 30 w 370 w, each port

The LED light

Each equipment: Power, PoE Power supply

Each port: the Activity\ Link and Speed

PoE port: Power Fail, Power, OK


Two intelligent fan


250.4 x 440 x44 mm

The weight of the

3.1 kg

The power input

100 240 v AC,50\ 60 hz

Power consumption

The largest:444 w (PoE), 444 w (PoE)

The temperature

Run: 0 50 ℃, storage: 40 70 ℃


Run: 10%90% no condensation, storage: 5% 90% without condensation


205975 hours

Safety certification


Order information



DGS 1026 mp

24 gigabit PoE mouth + 2 gigabit photoelectric combination, the PoE switches, the network administrator

Optional SFP modules

DEM 310 gt

Base 1000 LX, single mode, 10 km

DEM 311 gt

Base 1000 SX, multimode, 1000 m




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