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DGS 1100 10MP Gigabit Intelligent Network Management PoE monitoring switch

DDGS 1100 10MP Gigabit Intelligent Network Management PoE monitoring switchS 1100 10MP DGS 1100 10MP Gigabit Intelligent Network Management PoE monitoring switchigabit Intelligent Network Management PoE monitoring switch

the Product Description

DGS 1100 10 mp PoE switch is designed for small, medium and large enterprises design scene monitoring system.Support for high performance Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) camera power supply, automatic monitoring of VLAN, and 6 kv surge protection makes DGS 1100 10 mppoe switch IP monitoring deployment of choice.Redesign of the UI, the scope of diagnosis and troubleshooting tools and high efficiency and energy saving technology for your monitoring needs provides a flexible solution.

the Product Features

Physical properties

The IEEE 802.3 bt PoE high power output and support

All PoE port support 6 kV surge protection

Fiber optic uplink interface for remote connection NVR or CMS provides convenient deployment

Monitoring feature

Automatic configuration easy to deploy

Monitor the flow optimization

Automatically discover ONVIF equipment

Intuitive monitoring and management interface

Fault diagnosis is easy to be wrong

Advanced features

IGMP Snooping

Bandwidth control

The IEEE 802.1 Q VLAN


The IEEE 802.1 p

Monitor the VLAN

The voice VLAN

G. 8032 ERPS

Management features

Based on the web GUI

Built in SNMP MIB

State the dashboard

the Product Specification

Hardware specifications


DGS 1100 10 mp

Port number

Eight gigabit PoE + electricity + 2 gigabit SFP optical head

Standard and function

The IEEE 802.3 compatible 10 base t

Compatible with the IEEE 802.3 u 100 base TX

Compatible with the IEEE 802.3 ab 1000 base t

Compatible with the IEEE 802.3 af \ 802.3 at PoE

The IEEE802.3 x flow control (full duplex)

Support manual\ automatic MDI\ MDIX configuration

Automatic negotiation

Support half\ full duplex operation

The IEEE 802.3 compatible az EEE
Each port support up to 6 kv surge protection

Exchange capacity

20 g

The maximum forward rate

14.88 M

The MAC address table

16 k

Package cache

1.5 MB


Standard: the IEEE 802.3 af\ at 802.3

Port: 1 8 mouth

Largest per port to the power of 130 w (30 w)

The whole machine maximum power consumption

130 w (PoE), 20.8 w (PoE)

The power input

100 240 v ac, 50 to 60 hz, built in power supply


291, 575 hours

The weight of the

1.83 kg


280 x 18044 mm x



The temperature

Run: 5 50 ° C, storage: 40 70 ° C


Run: 0% 95% without condensation, storage: 0% 95% without condensation

Safety certification


The software features

Features on the second floor

Flow control

802.3 x flow control

HOL blocking defense

Jumbo frames of up to 9216 Bytes

IGMP snooping

IGMP\ v1 \ v2 v3 awareness snooping

Support 64 groups

IGMP snooping polling

802.3 the AD link aggregation

Each device support five groups

Each group of eight port

G. 8032 ERPS

The loop testing

Cable detection


Port mirror

One to one




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