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DGS 1510 28L ME Carrier Grade Network Management Switch

DGS 1510 28L ME Carrier Grade Network Management Switch

the Product Description

DGS 1510 28 l\ ME Ethernet switch is a member of the operator level network switch series.Includes 24 10\ 100\ 1000 base t RJ 45, 4 1 gSFP mouth.The switch has basic routing function, as well as the DHCP server function, very suitable for small network core switch of more demand.In addition, up to 6 kv surge protection, advanced function and a set of security and management function on the second floor of the DGS 1510 \ ME application series is very suitable for operators.

the Product Features

Reliable hardware features

6KV surge protection

Real time clock (RTC)

Dying, Gasp

Protection switching Ethernet loop (ERPS)

support redundant power supplies (RPS)

Advanced features

Q in Q based on port

VLAN Trunking

The DHCP server,

Three layer routing,

Integrated security features

D LinkSecurity engine

bpdusAttack defense

ARPCheating on defense

IP MAC Port binding

DoSAttack defense

802.1 X access control

access control based on the MAC

the Product Specification

Hardware specifications
Product model DGS 1510 28 l\ ME
interface 24 gigabit electrical mouth + 4 gigabit SFP optical mouth
Interface standards and function The IEEE 802.3 10 base T
The IEEE 802.3 u 100 base TX
The IEEE 802.3 ab 1000 base T
The IEEE 802.3 z 1000 base X
IEEE 802.3 x flow control (full duplex)
Automatic negotiation
Automatic or MDI\ MDIX can match
The back of bandwidth 256 g
Exchange capacity 56 GBPS
Way forward Store and forward
The MAC address table size 16 k
Packet forwarding rate 68.45 Mpps
Package cache 12 MB
The average time between failures 635099 hours
The power input 100 240 v50\ 60 hz AC
Maximum power consumption 17.6 W.
Size (W x x DH) 440X 210 x 44 mm
The weight of the 2.00 kg
ventilation No fan
Power surge protection All ports support IEC61000 4 5 6 kv surge protection
Operating temperature 5 50 ˚ C
Storage temperature 20 70 ˚ C
Run the humidity 0% 95% without condensation
Store humidity 0% 95% without condensation
Software functions
The virtual stack D the Link single IP management: 32
Features on the second floor Flow control: 802.3 x flow control;
HOL blocking protection 9216 Bytes
jumbo framesSpanning tree protocol: 802.1 D STP;802.1 w RSTP;802.1 s MSTP
bpdus filter
root limit of
The loop testing
Link aggregation: compatible ad
AX 802.1 and 802.1Port mirror: support one to one, many to one, flow (ACL) mirror of
Protection switching Ethernet loop (ERPS)
Layer 2 protocol tunnel (L2PT)
On the second floor of multicast IGMP Snooping:
IGMPSnooping v1 \ v2, v3 awareness
IGMP based on port\ hostSnooping fast from
Inhibition of
are reportedIGMP certification
Limited IP multicast filtering (IGMP)
MLD Snooping
MLD MLD v1, v2 awareness
Based on the port\ host MLD snooping leave quickly
VLAN 802.1 Q mark VLAN
port VLAN
802.1 v VLAN
agreement double VLAN (Q Q) in
a VLANTranslation
a VLANTrunking
Guest VLAN
Three layers of features 1024 ARP table, ARP: the biggest, the static ARP table item
, 255 ARP
free of charge IPv6 NeighborThe Discovery (ND) in
16 IP interfaces
The default routing,
The DHCP The DHCP server
The DHCP server selection
The DHCP client filter
DHCP relay (support IPv4) : the DHCP relay Option 60, 61 and 82
Support the BootP\ DHCP client (IPv4) : the DHCP client Option 12
Quality of service (QoS) 802.1 p:
per port 8 queueBased on the cosine of the following elements:
Switch port
802.1 p priority of
MAC address is
The frame type
IPv4 \ IPv6 address




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