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DPS 200A switch redundant power supply

DPS 200A switch redundant power supply

the Product Description

DPS 200 a redundant power supply (RPS) conform to the requirements of the D Link gigabit switches power. The RPS unit of the outer wrap in a solid metal shell, one end connected to the ac power source, the other end is connected to the switch of the internal power supply. It is for the exchange of accidental failure problem of internal power supply provides a low cost, simple solutions. In order to support the switch full power output, the redundant power supply can provide switches of the maximum available power.

the Product Features

Redundant power supply protection

, connected to a variety of D Link gigabit switches

provide backup power supply switches, built in power supply

Over current protection

LED status indicator

Optional flexible deployment

Can be installed in the independent power supply socket, or 19 inch slot chassis

when installed in a chassis supporting hot plug

solid metal shell

the Product Specification

Hardware specifications


The DPS 200 a

The whole machine size

172X 257 x 43 mm

Panel size

19652 mm x

The weight of the


The input voltage range

90 264 V\ AC

Maximum input current

2 a\ 100 v AC;1 a \ 240 v AC

The largest peak current

30A \ 115 v AC;60 A \ 230 v AC

Input frequency

47 63 Hz

Efficiency of the


Operating temperature

0 50 ° c.

Storage temperature

45 85 ° c.

Run the humidity

10No condensation 90%

Store humidity

10No condensation 95%


400000 hours

Compatible with the switch

DGS 3120 24 tc;DGS 3120 24 sc

The order information



The DPS 200 a

Used in the DGS 3120 24 tc and DGS 3120 24 sc redundant power supplies

The DPS 500 a

Used in the DGS 3120 48 tc and DGS 3630 series of redundant power supplies

The DPS 800.

2 slot chassis

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