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EX2200 Ethernet switch

ex2200 Ethernet switch is very suitable for branches and campus network access layer deployment, usually only more expensive products to achieve outstanding performance.

EX2200 and EX2200 C switches is 1 U equipment of low power consumption, low noise, specially designed for wiring between, make it meet the demand of low density access business economical solutions.EX2200 C using design without fan, quiet operation, make it become the ideal choice of the open office area.

ex2200 provide 24 or 48 10\/100\/1000 base-t port model;EX2200 C provides 12 port.Two kinds of models are support\/does not support af power Ethernet (PoE) 802.3 or 802.3 at PoE + (used to support the network equipment) option.

two devices are extensible, exchange of technology deployment, juniper networks available cluster will up to 4 m EX2200 or EX2200 C switches connected to a logical device.Gigabit Ethernet switches can be easily through the front panel uplink port to connect to the backbone.

tested ex2200 function of juniper cooperate Junos OS level

cloud architecture, network technology makes the EX series switches to the reliability of provides always available to all applications.

security risk management

security risk management and unified access control (UAC) function integration, can help the EX series switches providing dynamic network protection, visitor access and quality of service (QoS) based on identity.

high performance

1 gbe ultra-high, 10 gbe and 40 gbe port density provide wire-speed performance, significantly simplify network topology structure and operation.

eight QoS eight QoS queue, queue

each switch port to ensure reasonable allocation of voice, video and multi-layer data traffic priority, and other network space fusion (building automation and video security systems, for example).

innovation design

economical switch is designed to support the new architecture can reduce the cost and reduce complexity, and unified management and monitoring automation tools can integrate system.

cluster exchange

exchange technology allows more than one cluster interconnection of the EX series switches as a single logical devices, can reduce operational costs and simplify management.




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