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EX4550 10 Gbps High Performance Ethernet Switch

extensible EX4550 1\/10 Ethernet switches provide economic, energy saving, gbe switch platform, suitable for enterprise and data center top cabinet deployment, and service provider environment.

1 U EX4550 32 line speed GbE \/ 10 GbE port and two expansion slots, can install the optional modules, to the port density up to 48.EX4550 support layer 3 dynamic routing protocol such as RIP and OSPF, MPLS services (e.g., layer 2 and layer 3 VPN), all ports on the media access control security (MACsec) and comprehensive quality of service (QoS) feature set.

ex4550 also support juniper networks cluster switching technology, with EX4200 switches can be deployed in the same cluster switching configurations, in order to support and contains 1 gbe and 10 gbe server environment.


tested the function of the juniper networks technical level

cloud architecture with Junos OS, leaving the EX series switches to the reliability of provides always available to all applications.

security risk management

security risk management and unified access control (UAC) integration, help the EX series switches providing dynamic network protection, visitor access and QoS based on identity.

line speed performance ultra 1

gbe, 10 gbe and 40 gbe port density provide wire-speed performance, significantly simplify network topology structure and operation.

eight QoS eight QoS queue, queue

each switch port to ensure reasonable allocation of voice, video and multi-layer data traffic priority, and other network space fusion (building automation and video security systems, for example).

innovation design

economical innovation switch is designed to support the new architecture can reduce the cost and reduce complexity, and unified management and monitoring automation tools can integrate system.

cluster exchange

exchange technology allows more than one cluster interconnection EX4550 switches as a single logical devices, can reduce operational costs and simplify management.Support 1

ex4550 gbe mixed with 10 gbe environment and EX4200 switches can also be deployed together in the same cluster switching configurations, at the same time support mix 1 gbe and 10 gbe server environment.




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