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EX9200 Programmable Network Switch

ex9200 series Ethernet switches for the delivery of key business enterprise and data center core environment application provides the basis of programmable, flexible, and extensible.

ex9200 switches simplifies the park and the enterprise data center core and polymerization environment, deployment of cloud applications, server virtualization and rich media collaboration tools.

in corporate park, EX9200 support collaboration and for the delivery of critical business applications realize simple and secure access.In the center of the data, it can simplify the operation, so that the network consistent with the rapidly changing needs of the business.

ex9200 switches is Junos Fusion Enterprise architecture, the basis of this new method based on standard park for enterprises to create open, highly extensible exchange array.Junos Fusion Enterprise by integrating the whole network to a management (including EX9200 used as its core) significantly simplify deployment in the industrial park.Junos Fusion Enterprise can also be used as a internal deployment of Shared core Enterprise data center park environment.

offers three EX9200 switch: EX9204, EX9208 and EX9214.EX9200 chassis can provide each slot is as high as 240 Gbps throughput (full duplex).Cut-through design supports the plate is as high as 13.2 -tbps capacity, so as to achieve to a new generation of deployment of internal migration.1 gbe could be used in any combination, 10 gbe and 40 gbe interface, and this switches support 100 gbe card (if applicable).


tested juniper networks technology

tested juniper networks technologies, including high performance level ASIC, cloud architecture and Junos OS, support the EX reliability of series switches are always available for all applications.

security risk management

security risk management and network access control (NAC) function integration, can help the EX series switches providing dynamic network protection, visitor access and quality of service (QoS) based on identity.

line speed performance ultra 1

gbe, 10 gbe, 40 gbe and 100 gbe port density provide wire-speed performance, significantly simplify network topology structure and operation.

eight QoS eight QoS queue, queue

each switch port to ensure reasonable allocation of voice, video and multi-layer data traffic priority, and other network space fusion (building automation and video security systems, for example).

innovation design

economical innovation switch is designed to support the new architecture can reduce the cost and reduce complexity, and unified management and monitoring automation tools can integrate system.

standard link layer security with AES

IEEE 802.11 128 bit encryption AE MACsec provides data confidentiality, integrity and source authentication, help minimize denial of service (DoS) and other threats.




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