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EX Series Redundant Power System

ex series redundant power supply system (RPS) provide a backup, can support up to three hot plug power supply.It can be connected to as many as six EX2200 and EX3300 Ethernet switches and power supply, and as one of the three power supply equipment.It provides high input voltage and short circuit protection.

switches can be changed to the same priority, the specified weight can also be used for selected switches.RPS for Ethernet (PoE) of power circuit provides uninterrupted power supply, ensure that after the main power supply or feed to continue operating, but also through any connection of the EX series switches CLI easy management and configuration.


support as many as six switches

using the RPS connector to connect to as many as 6 switch exchange (EX2200 and EX3300 any combination).

at the same time provide backup power for three switch

provide backup power for three switch at the same time.

high voltage and short circuit protection

provide a full protection and short circuit protection of high voltage input and output.

the PoE and support PoE switches

RPS within a single power supply can be active for two PoE or a support PoE switch power supply.

CLI management

any EX series switches can be connected through the CLI for management and configuration.




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