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Fast 16-port desktop switch

Fast 16-port desktop switch

the Product Description

DES 1016 a switch is no management Ethernet switch products, provide 16 IEEE802.3 u standard 10\ 100 m adaptive Ethernet interface, all ports are support full speed non blocking switching and automatic function, it can be installed in the 19 inch standard rack.

the Product Features

In accordance with IEEE802.3, IEEE802.3 u and IEEE802.3 standard x

Provide 16 m adaptive 10\ 100 Ethernet port

Each port support Auto MDI\ MDIX function

Each port provides Speed and the Link\ Act indicating lamp, display the working state of the port

Each port supports full duplex 802.3 x flow control and half duplex back pressure flow control

the Product Specification



High dimension (width * deep *)

44 mm * 178 mm * 283 mm

Fixed port

Adaptive 16 10\ 100 MBPS Ethernet port

Cable type

10\ 100 base TX: 3\ 4\ 5 kind of twisted pair, support the maximum transmission distance is 100 m


8 k

The cache

1.25 Mbits

Packet forwarding rate

2.38 Mpps

Exchange capacity

3.2 Gbps

The LED light

Spead (green) work long bright: in the 100 m Spead (green) : work in 10 m

the Link\ Act (green) long bright: Link connection Link\ Act normal (green) long flash: being forwarded data Link\ Act (green) : Link has not been established

Power (green) long bright: input Power supply is normal Power (green) : abnormal input Power

The input voltage

100 240 v AC

The power cord length

1.83 M

Power consumption

Maximum 6 w

Working environment temperature

0 ℃ to 40 ℃

Work environment humidity

10% ~ 85%

Storage temperature

10 ℃ ~ 70 ℃

Store humidity

10% ~ 90%

The cooling way

Natural heat dissipation




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