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Fast 50-port rack switch

Fast 50-port rack switch

the Product Description

DES 1050 g is a designed for working group of high end mouth density of network switches, with 48 10\ 100 MBPS ports and two gigabit optical multiplexing.Of 48 10\ 100 MBPS Ethernet port can connect LAN switches, hubs, or directly connected to the end user.In full duplex mode, each port rate can be up to 200 megabits per second;Two gigabit photoelectric reuse port through twisted pair cable or optical fiber cable to connect to the server or the enterprise core switch, allows you to easily extend your network.

the Product Features

48 10\ 100 base TX port
Two gigabit optical multiplexing port
13.6 Gbps
exchange capacitySupport the full\ half duplex mode
Support 802.3 x flow control of
Store and forward
19 "standard rack
Plug and play

the Product Specification

Technical specifications



IEEE 802.3

IEEE 802.3 u

IEEE 802.3 ab

IEEE 802.3 x flow control

IEEE 802.3 z base 1000 X

ANSI\ IEEE802.3 Nway automatic negotiation


48 10\ 100 base TX port

Two gigabit photoelectric reuse port

Exchange capacity

13.6 Gbps

Data transfer rate

Ethernet: 10 MBPS (half duplex), 20 MBPS (full duplex)

fast Ethernet: 100 MBPS (half duplex), 200 MBPS (full duplex)

gigabit Ethernet: 2000 MBPS (full duplex)

Port transformation

all ports MDI\ MDIX adjust automatically

The LED light

each port: Link\ Activity

power light


store and forward

The MAC address table

8 k

MAC address learning

automatic updates

Packet forwarding rate

10 m: 14880 PPS per port

1000 m: 1488000 PPS per port

100 m: 148800 PPS per port

The cache

512 KB

Physical properties


440 * 220 * 44 mm

The power supply

AC input, 100 ~ 240 VAC, 50\ 60 hz, built in power supply


11.4 W



The temperature

working temperature: 0 ~ 40 ° C

storage temperature: 10 70 ˚ C


work humidity: 10% to 90% of condensation

storage humidity: 5% to 90% of condensation

The EMI\ safety certification


Product specification

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