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Fast 8-port desktop switch

Fast 8-port desktop switch

the Product Description

DES 1008 d 8 correlates port desktop is a non network switch, is designed for home and small office network.DES 1008 d can be for your home and office to create a fast, reliable, efficient cable network environment.DES 1008 d, simple operation, plug and play, all ports support MDI\ MDIX adaptive function, and can run 10 MBPS rate already, also can run rate of 100 MBPS.

the Product Features

Compact design, no noise

DES 1008 d 8 port MB compact desktop switches appearance design, compact, suitable for flexible you placed in any convenient location of the home or office, the DES 1008 d power interfaces and ports are located in rear panel equipment, ease of wiring.DES 1008 d fanless design at the same time, quiet operation, can make you in a very quiet environment, watch online movies, surfing the web.

Energy saving technology

DES 1008 D 8 correlates port desktop switches used D Link green technology, greatly save the energy.When there are no devices connected to a port or the connected when the power was turned off, the port will be automatically entered into "hibernation" model, in the case of not interrupt the network connection greatly reduce the energy used for this port.In addition, the switch can automatically detect the Ethernet cable length, in does not affect the performance of the premise, adjust the power supply.

Simple and easy to use

DES 1008 d 8 correlates port desktop switches all ports support automatic detection, each corresponding to a port LED lights, can quickly determine the link status port.All ports to detect network speed, in 10 base t and base 100 automatic negotiation between TX, half duplex and full duplex, make connections to the switch on the equipment of the maximum rate of as much as possible.Port MDI\ MDIX adaptive function, make each port by ordinary twisted pair cable can connect to the server, hubs, routers and switches.
Plug and play

DES 1008 d plug and play, no configuration, easy to operate.The DES 1008 d can connect up to 8 computer, share files, music, video to your home or office, you can also create a multiplayer game environment.Support IEEE802.3 x flow control at the same time, provide you with a more reliable network connection.

the Product Specification

standard The IEEE 802.3 10 base t Ethernet (copper twisted pair) The IEEE 802.3 az energy saving Ethernet (EEE)
The IEEE 802.3 u 100 base TX fast Ethernet (copper twisted pair) ANSI\ IEEE 802.3 Nway automatic negotiation
  IEEE 802.3 x flow control
Exchange capacity 1.6 Gbps
agreement CSMA\ CD
Data transfer rate Ethernet Fast Ethernet
10 MBPS (half duplex) 100 MBPS (half duplex)
20 MBPS (full duplex) 200 MBPS (full duplex)
Port transformation All ports MDI\ MDIX adjust automatically
The LED light Each port: Link\ Activity Power light
transport Store and forward
The MAC address table 2 k
MAC address learning Automatic updates
Packet forwarding rate Ethernet: 14880 PPS per port Fast Ethernet: each port 148800 PPS
RAM cache 96 KB
Physical properties
size 148.06 x 84.57 x 34.7 mm
The power supply Outer 5 v \ 0.55 A power adapter
power Electricity (standby) : The largest:
The DC input: 0.36 W The DC input: 1.78 W
AC input: 0.6 W AC input: 2.19 W
Heat dissipation Electricity (standby) The biggest
AC input: 2.0472 BTU\ h AC input: 7.47228 BTU\ h
MTBF 2137319 hours
The temperature Working temperature: 0 ~ 40 ° C Storage temperature: 10 70 ˚ C
humidity Working humidity: 10% to 90% of condensation Store humidity: 5% to 90% of condensation
EMI certification The FCC Class B So called ICES 003.




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