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Fast trunnion 26 rack switch

Fast trunnion 26 rack switch

the Product Description

Correlates the DES 1026 g is a non network switches, is specially designed to enhance the performance of the working party, at the same time have a high degree of flexibility.DES 1026 g provides 24 M 10\ 100 port, apply to the workstation connected;2 \ SFP gigabit port cooper, apply to the deployment server, double bandwidth allows working group, improve the response time, and meet the demand of large load.

DES 1026 g is equipped with 24 M 10\ 100 port, the flexibility to allow small working group integration to Ethernet and fast Ethernet.These intelligent port detection speed and in the 100 base TX and 10 base t, full duplex and automatic negotiation between half duplex, make you concentrate on work instead of connection problems.

Immediately upgraded to gigabit speeds

Two Copper\ SFP gigabit port provides an alternative solution, which USES optical fiber or Copper twisted pair cable as transmission medium.Immediately to upgrade to gigabit bandwidth, server without the need for installing a new, expensive optical fiber cable.The two ports support 10\ 100\ 1000 M speed automatic detection and full\ half duplex automatic negotiation, to keep you in switches connecting technology up to date.In addition, all ports support flow control, when the port of the receive buffer is full, by sending a signal to reduce conflict discarded packets, and ensure reliable connection.

Plug and play

All ports are support MDI\ MDIX adaptive function, using common road twisted pair, can easily access through the any port hub or switch, workstations, servers, save you time and money.DES 1026 g, equipped with 26 plug and play port is working in a client\ server environment to upgrade the performance of the ideal, the port will connect in full duplex mode to workstations and servers, connected to the hub or half duplex mode.

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the Product Specification

Product specification

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