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Gigabit 16 desktop switches

Gigabit 16 desktop switches

the Product Description

D the Link DGS 1016 D 16 port not net gigabit switches and DGS 1024 D 24 port and network management gigabit switches with gigabit port, can increase the bandwidth, for the SOHO and small and medium businesses (SMB) provides a set of environmental protection network deployment scheme.

All ports support gigabit speeds

16\ 24 series each port port of network management gigabit switches support gigabit Ethernet speed, to provide you with real high speed networks.If your network in a mixture of tradition and the latest network devices, each port allows standard Ethernet, fast Ethernet or gigabit Ethernet connection, you can have the latest technology to each connected to a network of computers and network devices.

Innovative design

DGS 1016 d \ 1024 d series switches use metal shell design, dedicated to the high performance of SOHO\ SMB switches.Using compact compact desktop style, help to increase the cooling and adopt fanless design, above all to make this series of switches, silent work, and economic benefits.16\ 24 port network switches series products are small, lightweight, can be installed in wall switches, is the ideal choice of the business demand and low budget.

To save energy

16\ 24 port network switches series in several ways to help you automatically save energy.It can not connected port automatically shut off the power, by cutting off unused port or connect the power of the computer has just been turned off on the port of use, save a lot of energy to make the switch.It can also detect the length of the connecting cable, and adjust the corresponding power consumption, help you in does not affect the network performance under the premise of saving energy.

The green environmental protection idea

DGS 1016 D \ 1024 D 16\ 24 port of network management system using gigabit switches D Link green Ethernet technology, in does not affect the product performance and function under the premise of providing to save energy and improve the product of a longer life expectancy.The series is compatible with RoHS environmental protection switch, the use of recyclable packaging, to minimize the use of harmful substances.

the Product Features

supports IEEE 802.3 x flow control

half duplex operation support back pressure flow control


Receiving and sending line speed

store and forward

8 k MAC address table

4 Mbits RAM

jumbo frames: 9216 bytes

exchange capacity: 32 GBPS

the Product Specification

Product specification




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