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Gigabit 5-port desktop switch

Gigabit 5-port desktop switch

the Product Description

5 ports gigabit DGS 1005 a simple desktop switches are new members of D Link SoHo equipment, it USES the latest D Link green technology, under the premise that does not affect the performance of the product, save energy, reduce temperature and longer service life.Highly efficient power adapter (meet EnergyStar Level v) to minimize the use of hazardous substances (meet RoHS) and use recyclable packaging materials, to reduce the waste of resources, make the DGS 1005 a real environmental protection products.

the Product Features

5 10\ 100\ 1000 MBPS port, to provide high speed Internet connection,
cable diagnosis functionWhen opening or closing, a port connected device switch automatically shut off the power supply of the port
Switch can automatically adjust the power supply according to the cable length

the Product Specification

Technical specifications


The main performance

Five 10\ 100\ 1000 MBPS port
Built in D
Link green technologySuitable for families and SoHo
Support cable diagnosis function of
10 GBPS exchange capacity of
All ports support MDI\ MDIX adaptive
Store and forward mechanism in
Full\ half duplex Ethernet\ fast Ethernet,
IEEE802.3 flow control
xAs 9216 Byte
support jumbo framesSupport IEEE802.1 pQoS (4 queue, strict mode)
Plug and play


The IEEE 802.3 10 base t Ethernet (copper twisted pair)
The IEEE 802.3 u 100 base t fast Ethernet (copper twisted pair)
The IEEE 802.3 ab 1000 base t gigabit Ethernet (copper twisted pair)
ANSI\ IEEE 802.3 Nway automatic negotiation
The IEEE 802.3 x flow control of
The IEEE 802.3 az energy saving Ethernet (EEE)



Data transfer rate

10 MBPS Ethernet (20 MBPS half duplex) (full duplex)
Fast Ethernet 100 MBPS (200 MBPS half duplex) (full duplex)
Gigabit Ethernet, 2000 MBPS (full duplex)


Store and forward

The MAC address table

2 k

MAC address learning

Automatic updates

Packet forwarding rate

Ethernet: every 14880 PPS fast Ethernet port: every 148800 PPS gigabit Ethernet ports: 1488000 PPS per port

The cache

128 kbytes

Physical properties

The LED light

Each port: Link\ Activity\ Speed power light

Port transformation

All ports MDI\ MDIX adjust automatically

The equipment size

90 x72x23mm

The weight of the

330 g

The power supply

5 v \ 1 a


DC input: 2.37 W AC input: 3.9 W

The temperature

Working temperature: 0 ~ 40 ° C storage temperature: 10 ~ 70 ˚ C


Working humidity: 10% to 90% of the cooling storage humidity: 5% to 90% of condensation


1261786 hours


CE class BFCC class BICES 003 class BVCCI class BC TickAnatelCCCcUL CBLVD

Product specification




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