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Gigabit unmanaged switch

Gigabit unmanaged switch

the Product Description

DGS 1052 x switches is my company launched a new generation of 48 mouth full gigabit Ethernet front end ports + 4 mouth Wan Zhao SFP port switches, enterprise network, campus network, Internet cafes, build a network of green environmental protection.Device when using no configuration, each port forwarding can be realized after the power is connected, bearing and all kinds of business can be meet the Ethernet Ethernet access scenario.Standard 19 inch casing, the body height is 1 u.Is a enterprise, Internet cafes, community, the first choice of campus network to form a Wan Zhao access.

the Product Features

So in line with the IEEE802.3, IEEEE802.3 u, IEEE802.3 ab, IEEE802.3 Ethernet standard x

SFP + interface conforms to the IEEE802.3 standard of ae

Provide 48 10\ 100\ 1000 m adaptive RJ45 port

Provides 4 g adaptive SFP + 1\ 10 port

Provide the LED indicator light, dynamic display the state of the connection port and equipment working condition

Using process smaller main chip, high circuit integration, green fanless design, lower power consumption

Standard 19 inch chassis, body height is 1 u

Plug and play, do not need to management

the Product Specification

The system specifications

Ethernet port

48 10\ 100\ 1000 base t Ethernet port

SFP + port

Four SFP + (XG) port

The back of bandwidth

168 g

Packet forwarding rate

131 m

Ethernet interface

The connector type


The port number





100 Ohm

Work rate

10 MBPS, 100 MBPS, 1000 MBPS since the negotiation


Half duplex and full duplex, since the negotiation (10\ 100\ 1000 m)

Medium and the transmission distance

Five types of unshielded twisted pair, support maximum 100 m transmission distance

SFP interfaces

The connector type


The port number




Work rate

10 GBPS, 1 GBPS, since the negotiation


Since the consultation (1 g \ 10 g)

Medium and the transmission distance

Optical fiber transmission

Environmental requirements

Operating temperature

DHS C 0 ~ 40 DHS C

Storage temperature

DHS 40 ~ 70 DHS C C

Run the humidity

10% ~ 90%, no condensation

Store humidity

5% ~ 90%, no condensation

The power supply

100 v to 240 v AC.50\ 60 hz

EMC and safety

Regulatory compliance

3 c

Environmental protection standard


Physical size


Length x width x height: 440 mm * 260 mm * 43.6 mm

The weight of the

The power consumption of the largest




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