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Gigabyte even intelligent network management switches

Gigabyte even intelligent network management switches

the Product Description

DES 1150 t switches for the small and medium sized enterprise provides make network information exchange, and improve the network performance and security solutions.The switches provide 48 MB electricity mouth and two gigabit photoelectric reuse mouth.Automatic identification of all ports connected to the network speed, in order to achieve the highest speed.Port can also automatically identify full duplex and half duplex, support for traffic control and MDI\ MDIX adaptive.4.8 billion is used to connect the workstation, etc.Two gigabit port used to connect to the trunk and the server.

the Product Features

Port density of
48 10\ 100 base TX port
Two gigabit copper port
Two gigabit fiber ports (reuse)

The MAC table
Support up to 16 k MAC address

The function of port
half\ full duplex modeAutomatic identification of MDI\ MDI X


Based on the port VLAN

Based on a 802.1 Q VLAN


Support 802.1 P

Support port bandwidth control

Simple and easy management

Web management

The Reset button Reset

the Product Specification

Hardware specifications


The DES 1150 t


48 MB RJ gigabit RJ 45 electric mouth of 2 45 \ SFP optical multiplexing

Interface standards and function

The IEEE 802.3 10 base t IEEE 802.3 u base TX 100

The IEEE 802.3 ab 1000 base t IEEE 802.3 z base 1000 X

IEEE 802.3 x flow control supports half\ full duplex MDI\ MDIX

Exchange capacity

17.6 G

Packet forwarding rate

13.1 Mpps

The MAC table

16 k

Package cache

1 MB

The power supply

AC, 100 240 v, 50 to 60 hz

Port status indicators

Link\ Activity\ Speed (port) Run\ Power (equipment)

The Reset button

There are


There are


395518 hours

Power consumption

25 w.

Heat dissipation

No fan


440 * 230 * 44 mm

The temperature

Run: 0 ~ 40 ℃ storage: 10 ~ 70 ℃


Run: 10% to 90% without condensation storage: 5% to 90% without condensation

Safety certification


Software functions

Function on the second floor

Flow control: supports IEEE 802.3 x (full duplex)

Port statistics: TX & amp;A Collision, TX & amp;The TX and RX & amp;The Drop, the RX & amp;CRC


802.1 Q VLAN support port VLAN support


Supports 802.1 p a stack, queue scheduling support port bandwidth control


WEB graphical interface management Login password authentication

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