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JSA5800 Enterprise Security Management Appliance Juniper Networks

most of the organization's security team to understand the effective security information and event management (SIEM) important requirement of the system.Due to continuous from different angles of attack, they will resist change.Cybercriminals ongoing advanced persistent threats often quietly damage enterprise defense system, hunting for valuable data, and can be detected in before it disappeared.In addition, the internal personnel direct access to the company data will also pose a threat, once they leak these data, the peripheral security is useless.

to do this, you need an end-to-end threat management, will every day, millions of security incidents happened easily comes down to a practical manageable suspicious against the list.Long time of the capability of detection and tracking of malicious activities help to find usually missing threat in other ways.Increasingly distribution is changed as the IT infrastructure and increasingly vulnerable, security information and event management (SIEM) technique for real-time alarm, analysis and review more and more important.Medium-sized deployment extension for the global deployment of

from juniper networks JSA5800 safety analysis device can help security analyst real-time understand the changes in IT infrastructure and prevent the damage caused by malicious activity.

jsa5800 can integrate distribution on you the whole network from the thousands of network devices, endpoints, and the application in the collection of thousands of security incidents.Through data analysis, the equipment will be the information extraction as can help detect anomalies, found that high threat and to distinguish the security incident priority list feasible attacks.

jsa5800 provide extensible network security management.It can handle up to 20000 events per second (eps) and flow of up to 600000 per minute, is ideal for medium-sized company, and can be extended to support large global deployment.]Characteristics, bodyCap: 4,


the end-to-end visibility and test can detect whether the endpoints hosts

visited the show is about to launch attacks signs of potential malicious sites.


incident response and evidence collection, monitoring, tracking and extracting security incidents, to prevent network attacks.

regulatory compliance

provides to the collection, correlation and compliance related activities, in order to meet the stringent regulations.

the dashboard report

provides event data graphics and dashboard.

flow test with the aid of traffic detection,

May take active measures against security threats.

strong analysis engine

analysis engines were used to detect irregularities and anomalies.


provides built-in support for GeoIP and reputation.

high capacity

each processor support as many as 20000 events per second (EPS).




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