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Junos Address Aware

junos Address Aware is 3 d for MX series of edge router in general license application, help the network operators to alleviate the IPv4 Address depletion, ensure IPv4 and IPv6 coexistence, and in an interrupt type, low risk and the practical way to transition to IPv6.

junos Address Aware run on high performance service card, can provide operators level Address translation, without affecting the routing or forwarding function.The solution includes network address translation (NAT), carrier-grade NAT and IPv6 conversion technology, such as IPv4 \/ IPv6 double protocol stack, NAT44, NAPT44, NAT PT, NAT64 as, 6 to4 PMT, rd and DS lite, are supported by a single license.In addition, the Junos Address Aware also USES a wide range of application level gateway (ALG) protection and NAT is not compatible with the widespread use of application.Importantly,

Junos Address Aware when you adopt IPv6 help protect the current IPv4 revenue stream, and hundreds of the world's biggest tested in the service provider network.


investment protection

address Aware in the pre-existing MX series 3 d general edge router address scheme provides non-destructive in evolution, protect the current operation and investment.Operator level


MIC service card provides strong ability of address translation performance and extend, at the same time does not affect the routing or forwarding.

widely including IPv4 \/ IPv6 protocol support

double protocol stack, NAT44, NAT64 as a variety of technical and DS Lite is provided by a single license and achieve maximum deployment flexibility.Low risk services with


software license deployment on carrier-grade router rich application level gateway (ALG) support and mature, the practice of inspection of products and services agreement ensures that the low risk.

MX series integrated

address Aware routing platform as a fully integrated in the specified MX series options available.

addresses to protect

flexible algorithm allows network operators to control the use of each port, and use the port stop, safe port stop and loop access protection IPv4 addresses.




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