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Junos Application Aware

junos Application Aware of network traffic according to the Application of recognition and classification, so as to accelerate to create highly customized service revenue.As a high performance MX series 3 d license Application of edge router in general, Junos Application Aware run on high performance service card, ensure that operators can not affect the routing or forwarding function.

junos Application Aware using deep packet inspection (DPI) technology, signature database commonly used address and port as well as to identify the flow within the Application;Then reference operators defined strategy to determine how to deal with the traffic.These functions to achieve highly customized and differentiated services, implementation of service level agreement (SLA), and to ensure fairness applications.

The solution to back-office systems, management tools and analysis engine (such as The IBM Now Factory (TNF) provides a comprehensive application layer traffic statistics.This helps operators network management ability and insight into the behavior of customers and the quality of their experience.

junos Application Aware is part of the service control gateway Application suite, can implement alone, also can with SDN controller (such as Juniper Contrail cloud) or a third party (VNF) and virtual network function Application implementation together to create a highly customized service chain.


policy based automation

according to the operators defined strategy, to dynamically identification, classification, packet forwarding, the speed limit, tags and discarded, and report statistics for each application.

support services for the center with service routing, many improvement based on MX series of commercial and residential applications.


about the remote sensing monitoring and reporting accounting\/billing system and the analysis engine application specific traffic and usage patterns.

allows IP awareness with the Junos OS software protocol and application integration to customize service experience.Tight integration with MPLS provides IP layer perception.

comprehensive MX series

as the specified MX series integrated routing options provide comprehensive integration platform.

SDN gateway

follow operators define the application of specific strategies.




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