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Junos Network Secure

junos Network Secure is 3 d MX series of edge router in general license application, allows Network operators to implement state firewall services, to support hosting services, protect the router resources and established in the layered security architecture is important to be the first line of defence.

junos Network Secure in high-performance service card (make sure that the ability to scale and performance without affecting the control or forwarding plane) on the implementation, but also through the state points in mass screening, even change the increasing design complexity and take up valuable router port obsolete equipment, firewall to reinforce safety equipment independently.

Junos Network can implement independently Secure, can also be used with other Network edge services (such as Junos Address Aware) together, or as a Junos Application Aware, Junos Subscriber Aware and SDN controller (e.g., Contrail cloud) based on the strategy of dynamic invocation of part of the service chain.

senior characteristics

provides packet inspection (for length, the IP checksum and fragmentation rate value), as well as the packet filter (according to the flow state table) and matching.

resource usage tracking

through a lot of traffic sessions as well as the source IP and destination IP address to track the busiest network endpoint.Use this information to detect and prevent attacks.

threat detection using exceptions of

following the attack or potential hacking site.Ease of


to support the application layer gateway algorithm, which can realize flexible installation and use.

investment protection

with MX series router integration can ensure scalability and performance, help you to implement protection current operating investment non-destructive address change.

reduces the resource requirements

traffic conditions for classification and routed to the firewall, so customers can eliminate takes up the router port and the management of resources outside the firewall.




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