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Junos Space Connectivity Services Director Juniper Networks

junos Space Connectivity Services Director support service providers and businesses across the network to quickly design, deployment and deliver new IP\/MPLS, carrier Ethernet and optical packet service, to achieve the required for today's networked environment always excellent customer experience.

connectivity Services Director support network staff to manage the entire life cycle of connection Services.These services including traditional TDM, ATM, and based on IP\/MPLS layer 2\/3 (L2 \/ L3 VPN), virtual private LAN service (VPLS), carrier Ethernet and optical packet.Connectivity Services Director to perform the other tasks include automatic service discovery, resource management, service design, allocate, troubleshooting and monitoring error free.It can also through the simple and intuitive GUI help you cancel the service.

in Junos Space management platform, when running on Connectivity Services Director can use through the Junos Space to provide all of the features and functions, including configuration management, cluster based on the architecture and geographic redundancy.

Connectivity Services Director of key features include:

design, deployment, activation, and verify the RSVPS signal label switched path (LSP) design, deployment and activation and validation across MPLS and carrier Ethernet L2 \/ L3 VPN network design and deployment of the service quality of service (QoS) configuration file using the ITU y. 1731 specification of troubleshooting Services, service statistics configuration and performance measurement and monitoring of the case view,

in addition to providing for service management GUI, Connectivity Services Director also supports based on north to declarative state transition (RESTful) apis, this API allows network providers implement comprehensive service dispatching automation, and effectively network location to turn it into a future-oriented SDN virtualization (NFV) architecture and network function.


best practice service design

designed for TDM Ethernet and ATM, operators of predefined best practices and MPLS service design services can be repositioned to accelerate the speed of entering the market.

click click type and preparation of the deployment of

workflow driving allows operators to easily endpoint to activate VPN clients.

configuration before and after the configuration of

configuration before and after the configuration validation to ensure effective service deployment and troubleshooting, and offer a better service guarantee.

faults and fault and performance management performance management support network operator management service level agreement (SLA) and regular service condition inspection.

north to the north to the API API

service coordination and automation can promote and operations and business support system (OSS\/BSS) platform integration and the creation of a customer portal.


optional synchronization management according to the precision time protocol (PTP) over and asynchronous Ethernet (SyncE) automatic deployment architecture complex synchronization.

custom QoS configuration file $

for the custom of QoS bandwidth management configuration file simplifies the QoS configuration, for certain types of network traffic to improve service delivery.

service and SLA monitoring

service authentication and SLA monitoring network providers to allocate service after the guarantee the SLA.




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