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Junos Space Edge Services Director

Junos Space Edge Services Director is Junos Space management application platform, support juniper networks complete failure, at the Edge of the service product portfolio allocation, billing, performance and security management life cycle (FCAPS).It can rapid configuration, deployment, modify, monitoring, troubleshooting and application management network edge.

network edge service included in the license application can improve the visibility, improve network security, support the address translation, and for the MX series 3 d general edge routers to provide data analysis.These features help to mobile and fixed service providers to optimize network infrastructure, increasing the service flexibility and quickly create and provide new services, make full use of these services MX series routing platform for investment.


comprehensive view

integrated view covers all virtualization service, reduce the number of management tools to buy and deployment, reduces the training requirements.

simple, intuitive and web-based UI

simple, intuitive and web-based UI support rapid configuration and deployment of virtualization services, identify and solve the fault of time.

task-based access

task-based access by limiting access network operations center (NOC) personnel work related tasks to promote safety.

mx series 3 d visibility and routing analysis of edge router in general network visibility and analysis data can help service providers to optimize the infrastructure and get more value from their routing investment.




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