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Junos Space Network Director

with the Junos Space Network Director, IT staff can be through a single Network management platform to manage the physical and virtual enterprise.

junos Space Network Director is an intelligent, improve and automation of all-inclusive Network management solutions.Administrators can use its visualization, analysis and control of the entire enterprise network, and all operations are completed through an integrated management screen.

in the center of the data, your IT staff can use this tool to the physical and virtual environment management and synchronization.Network strategy, therefore, can follow a virtual machine (VM) workload moving between different servers.

in the park, the Network Director will automatically perform routine administrative tasks, such as Network deployment and troubleshooting, significantly improve operating efficiency and reliability.

network Director can also be used with VMware vCenter and vRealize Operations (vROps) integration.This management tool for the analysis of performance data center provides advanced, at the same time open a RESTful API supports integration with third-party platform service choreography.]Characteristics, bodyCap: 3,


exchange array built-in support and management automation for the layer 2 and layer 3 topologies and Junos Fusion Enterprise array provides deployment before and after deployment and management.

simplified plug and play operating

automatic deployment can automatically detect and allocate the endpoint devices and eliminate for deployment of VLAN and PoE need to create a separate configuration file.

automated array network virtualization allows you to create

no controller on the top of the L3 IP array is automatically created and management covering arrays.

the end-to-end performance of

network visibility and flow path analysis helps across physical and virtual infrastructure to improve the network hop and path flow performance and availability.

opinions on flow behavior of

for the network traffic analyzer display traffic spikes and unexpected sources, make the administrator to wise use and capacity strategy decisions.

full visibility

Network Director and VMware vCenter, VMware NSX and it integration view can provide comprehensive data center.More than


custom dashboard navigation and view from the perspective of efficient operation and the different views, the grouping of the network.

can improve the utilization rate of network

performance analyzer for a virtual machine, user, ports, and perform real-time radio frequency (RF) environment and trend monitoring, which will help to optimize the network utilization.




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