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Junos Space SDK SDN Toolkit

Junos Space SDK, the programmability of SDN commitments support can easily create the Junos Space network management platform to run on a custom application analysis and management.

junos Space SDK the programmable network, you can create this fulfilled software programmability of network (SDN) defined commitment.The network of the embedded links and intelligent management can be used to create a custom solution, in order to meet the specific needs and create new revenue streams.

junos Space the SDK also supports easily and safely to extract data from the network, and use the data in the application, can create the response network solution, thus improve the intelligent level and provide a better experience for the end user.

features flexible application of


based on behavior to real-time changes based on the behavior of the network and the application to build a better user experience.

enhanced the visibility and control,

use specially designed for specific analysis and management, this needs strengthen network visibility and control applications.

access to the network information more effectively

access to the network information more effectively, including from ALTO, BGP TE, GenApp data.

enhanced end-user experience for your customers to provide better service quality and the end user experience.

senior choreography using advanced layout to improve cost efficiency, the improvement of resource optimization, improvement of personalized service.

new revenue opportunities to access and use more effectively the subscriber and user data, in order to obtain new revenue opportunities.




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