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Junos Space Service Insight

junos Space Service Insight to support active network maintenance, can maximum uptime, through specific to the installation of feasible network intelligence and automatic impact analysis support customers more quickly and more effectively manage their networks.

\/ support terminate "life cycle" impact analysis

junos Space Service Insight for\/support terminate "life cycle" notice to provide targeted impact analysis.Generate EOL\/EOS notice, the Junos Space Service Insight allows users to scan the network, to assess which of the equipment and the equipment which modules will be affected, indicating the EOL\/EOS suggest alternative module of the equipment.


product error notification on one device to determine error, Junos Space Service Insight active error notification which network devices can simplify found easily affected by the error of the process.In the juniper networks according to its network equipment configuration of hardware and software to the customer after the discovery of the error of cognitive, will notify the user.

then will periodically collected from the network equipment configuration and operation condition data contrast and juniper networks system, and then aiming at the problem of network may be vulnerable to the effects of notifications.


active error notification

junos Space Service Insight to provide for your specific network hardware and software configuration of active error notification.

simplified EOL\/EOS

service process Insight to advise you distribute EOL\/EOS, automatic effect on the notice to perform network analysis.

simplified network management

Junos Space is a set of comprehensive network management solutions, can simplify juniper network switching, routing, and safety equipment management, and the Junos Space Service Insight is the main part of the solution.

, information confidentiality junos Space Service Insight is designed to meet every customer's data and information security requirements.

with simplified operation based on Web 2.0 of the GUI is easy to use interface, Junos Space Service Insight can simplify the operation.




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