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Junos Space Service Now

junos Space immediately service is a remote automatic troubleshooting client, can make the juniper networks quickly identify the problems in the customer network, day 1 problem resolution rate increased by 40%.

service immediately by juniper technical assistance center (JTAC) embedded problem solving professional and technical engineers, in the event of a problem when the (sometimes even before the problems affect the operation of system) features automatic detection problem and collect the relevant diagnostic information, so as to simplify the from juniper networks or juniper networks partner has the support of technology, process, to eliminate the time-consuming manual operation.

this automation troubleshooting capability allows your employees to use the JTAC a key to open a case, in which contains all the relevant logs and diagnostic information, so as to accelerate the problem solving.

automatic simplifying operation and reduce the risk of

Junos Space immediately services using the Junos OS equipment installed on a custom script to strengthen the ability of self-sufficiency, shortens the new juniper networks the time needed for the product or version are integrated into the network.Troubleshooting expertise directly integrated in the product and interruption duration shorter, thus adding new juniper networks to network products will greatly shorten the operators "learning process".

junos Space immediately all services included in juniper networks support in the contract, can be for you to extend the time of normal operation, to reduce the risk, at the same time also can reduce operating expenses in an all-round way and the total cost of ownership.



automatic fault identification and log collection, configuration, troubleshooting data collection and ticket is generated.

quick access to resources by

fast access to elaborate on the cause of the failure, symptoms and corrective measures of resources.On-demand support


"as needed" to open a technical support case for all managed devices.

automatic RMA fault detection automatically detect fault and create the RMA ticket.




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