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Junos Space cross configuration platform

Junos Space across the configuration platform is a Junos Space applications, it is a "manager of managers", can equipment configuration services across multiple suppliers.It USES flexible interface to design, validation, and network platform of the configuration management across multiple suppliers, simplify the carrier Ethernet and IP\/MPLS service supplier service configuration and life cycle management.

across the configuration platform can help you in juniper device with the third party equipment configuration between E Line, two-thirds layer VPN services and virtual private LAN service (VPLS).By incremental research and development work, but also can extend its framework, in order to support other supplier's products.


single management console

through a single unified management console, design and management of distribution in juniper networks and other third-party vendor equipment in service.


rapid development and deployment of new services for users to create income.

lower cost

decrease with the change or the introduction of new services associated costs.

low cost

at the lowest cost to develop new services in multi-vendor network operation.




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