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Junos Space network management platform

using the Junos Space network management platform, as well as our management applications can simplify and automate the deep bo in networking equipment such as switching, routing, and security management process.As part of the complete solution, the platform provides a wide range of fault, configuration, accounting (FCAPS) function, performance, and safety management, and Junos OS version for new equipment to provide the support on the same day, also have specific to the task of the user interface, integration of existing network management system (NWS) or operational\/business support systems (OSS\/BSS) Northbound API.

the platform provides multi-level network abstraction and automation solutions for the center with the operator and a simple and intuitive UI, help enterprise and service provider network operators expand scale of operation, to reduce the complexity, and more quickly to the new applications and services to the market.

junos Space network management platform is juniper network infrastructure management, design and deployment of the unity of the new service method.It USES a single sign-on (SSO), through a single centralized management platform to deliver its network equipment and services management and layout, so as to realize real-time visibility.

the platform provides an abstract network model, through feature-rich RESTful API extension to the third party.Users can access to its various Web 2.0 GUI, the GUI using role-based workflow and shows step by step to support with operators as the center, the particular range of visibility and control.], bodyCap: 2,

junos Space network management platform function

web 2.0 GUI

Web 2.0 GUI can improve user productivity, eliminate the manual operation and accelerate the operation cycle.Device management interface

dmi contains

"zero" protective equipment support, can protect the investment.

hot plug,

hotplug multi-tenant application, multi-tenant application provide quick deployment of applications and devices as well as update don't interrupt.

restful API

RESTful API supports access to the Junos Space platform, to build custom applications and integration of OSS\/BSS and other NMS.

instant extension and sustainability

application structure with instant extensions, sustainability and resource optimization.

comprehensive management network discovery and inventory management support FCAPS network management framework, and provides the general management of network elements.

flexible network visualization provides a flexible network topology structure visualization options, simplifies the network operation.

software image management software image management provide remote and not interrupt service software upgrades, support the automatic upgrade planning.




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