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Junos Traffic Vision

junos Traffic Vision is used to MX series 3 d authorization flow sampling of edge router in general applications.It provides the useful for various operations and planning activities of the network traffic details.

junos Traffic Vision monitoring routers process the packets, and capture the source and destination address, the packet and byte count information and other details.These details based on polymerization and export standard format by juniper networks and based on the analysis of third-party tools and presentation, based on the third-party tools support based on the dosage of billing, traffic analysis, traffic engineering, attack and intrusion detection, as well as the SLA monitoring.

can inline implementation and on the service card provides outstanding performance and extension ability, Junos Traffic Vision can deploy in the configuration of active and passive at the same time, and can filter and lawful interception and port monitoring at the same time, do not affect performance.

Junos Traffic Vision can separate implementation, also can be used as a Junos Application Aware, Junos Subscriber Aware and SDN controller (such as Juniper Contrail cloud) based on the strategy of dynamic invocation of part of the service chain.

features have no interruption to deploy


using multiple deployment model, no need to change any terminal station or network architecture.

flexible licensing model

according to the extension and performance requirements, choose the inline deployment or deployment in service card.

insight into

in each of the interface, interface and virtual router level collection, summary and comprehensive data packets and traffic data is derived.

open interoperability, based on the standard format and can be easily derived and juniper networks integration and the third party report and analysis tools.




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