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Junos VPN Site Secure

junos VPN Site Secure is 3 d MX series of edge router in general licensing software applications, the use of various standard encryption technology to protect customer and flow between service providers and internal network edge must be through the middle of the untrusted network communication among the different network security.

junos VPN Site Secure to use advanced encryption standard (AES), data encryption standard (DES) and triple data encryption standard (3 DES) implementation of IPsec encryption.Companies can provide IPsec encryption, to strengthen the safety of the end user.Providers can provide from the customer field devices to the provider edge router access link IPsec encryption, and access charge additional fees for implementation of security network.Then the packet can be securely forwarded or mapped to layer 3 VPN, for transport across the provider network.

in addition, if the traffic must pass through the middle of the untrusted network transmission, then Junos VPN Site Secure tunnel support model is very useful in protecting the traffic between different networks.In the service provided to clients, if the client access links by the third party, this application is especially useful.On the wholesale network of trusted third party set up encrypted tunnel, if you want to encrypt the return flow, then this application is particularly useful.


router's return on investment of

as the MX series 3 d router integrated security applications, provide revenue opportunities for service.

USES strong encryption

support advanced encryption standard (AES), the data encryption standard (DES) and triple DES encryption standard (3 DES).

designed to build

performance in 3 d MX series routers running on dedicated service card, to speed up the safe handling and avoid affecting routing scale or stability.

simplified access

single sign-on authentication allows users to use a single set of login credentials to access multiple applications, so as to easily access the company network and consistently and cloud resources.




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