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Junos Video Focus

junos Video Focus on MX series 3 d license application of edge router in general, can make the cable operators and service providers to monitor the IP network Video quality, make the subscriber can always satisfied.Transmission and distribution of Video operators can also use the Junos Video Focus monitoring Video quality, so as to maintain the SLA.

junos Video Focus media use delivery index (MDI), IETF RFC 4445) and MPEG and RTP monitoring IP encapsulation of the MPEG header analysis and RTP streaming Video, and set the threshold to take the initiative to identify problems may cause adverse effect on the user experience.This insight can help network operators in advance of problems affect customers discover and eliminate these problems;In addition, operators can also create a script to beyond error threshold to start the self-healing network reconfiguration.

and, more importantly, Junos Video can Focus on the MX series in-line deployment.It can avoid cost caused by using video probe and design complexity, and allows network operators to implement everywhere and the economic and efficient video monitoring solution.


video quality monitoring based on standard

support presented.according to measure the delay coefficient (DF), media (MLR) provision and media rate (MRV) of RFC 4445 media industry standard standard index (MDI), in order to accurately assess single program and the program transmission streams of multicast and quality of video on demand (VOD).

shorten repair time

two-way video streaming visibility characteristics can be used to capture detailed statistical data and alarm information, help technicians to isolate the problem;With support for custom scripts, but beyond the operator defined error threshold provides automatic self-healing network reconfiguration.

space and

routers can save a space integration of energy efficiency and energy resources, and to avoid because the cost and complexity of the deployment of independent video probe.

automatic self-healing

custom scripts through problems detected or exceed the threshold between the main and backup video switch, start the automation network reconfiguration.




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