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Junos network operating system

with a simple and innovative Junos OS is in juniper networks with a wide range of physical and virtual network security product portfolio running in a single operating system.The operating system with more than 20 years of reliability, safety, and flexibility as the core principle, can run some of the world's most complex network deployment, provide operators with over other competitive advantages of the network operating system.Junos OS can easily and accurately realize the automatic operation of the network, to ensure that the operating efficiency, and will be precious time and resources on the top line growth opportunity.

data center Junos OS

in the data center platform, Junos OS has been decomposed, can run in a virtualized Linux environment.The application of the container and other virtualization guest operating system can coexist on the same CPU complex.The system also provides for the system protected Linux environment interaction and open platform for third-party application integration.Low-level apis programmable ability can be improved and telemetry functions.API to open the application development and automation, so as to significantly improve access to control, management and data plane.

Junos OS automation tools

when designing architecture takes into consideration the conversation, as a result, Junos OS can be easily integrated with application development environment.It versatile programmable ability, scripting support, open API and the commonly used scheduling framework, at the same time for enterprise style management and service continuous delivery provide flexible options.Junos OS provides a safe programming interface and Juniper Extension Toolkit (JET), support the development can promote the value of the network application.

jet is Junos OS a standard components, can be in all juniper network switches, routers, and safety equipment.JET simplifies the operation and configuration tasks of automation, provides a rich set of customizable open API.It supports the standardization of application development programming language, and through standardization of open data exchange format with the Junos OS rapid programmable database communication.

Junos node biopsy

Junos OS support by Junos nodes on the same physical infrastructure aggregate multiple concurrent network function.Using this function, the service provider in the optimization of its infrastructure at the same time, provide differentiated services on a single case.Through the separation from the underlying infrastructure network software, Junos node biopsy can accelerate service deployment, reduce capital expenditure, and improve the efficiency of operations.

simplified control and high availability of

service providers can use Junos Fusion through the Junos OS routing platform to integrate the underlying network elements and a logic control points, so as to reduce network complexity and operating costs.Junos Fusion can be completely solution for interoperability, with a third party software can be extended to define network (SDN) control.In order to achieve the optimal operation time and high availability, Junos Continuity can be a new generation of hardware into existing routers and switches, and no longer requires lengthy software certification again.Almost can avoid downtime of infrastructure upgrades.

junos OS features

cut in

to reduce a single operating system planning, deployment, and operational network infrastructure required time and effort.Using

open programmable automation

can simplify the complex network operation and improve the service of agility enterprise approach.Decomposition of

provides programmable interface of data center platform and the low level of access application delivery environment.Polymerization of


using the Junos section of nodes in a chassis on combining multiple concurrent network function, to optimize the network infrastructure and speed up the service deployment.

high availability

insert line card and subsequent upgrade network operating system services would not be affected.

simple routing policy management

support fine-grained network flow control, and the separation of control, management and data plane can improve the reliability and security.

meaningful configuration hierarchy

comments, submit inspection, commit and rollback function, fully proved that the ease of use and operation flexibility.

modular software architecture of

provided meet the changing needs highly extensible software.




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